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Your First Day at Work Experience

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    Your First Day at Work Experience

    How was your first they at work was, where you able to interact with people freely and do things freely or you were just calm and timid.
    Tell us how your first day at your work place was.
    your first day at work
    Your first day at work

    Hello. May I just post again my previous reply as Guest. Sorry, I forgot to log in before I made the previous comment.
    Well, I can still remember my first day in my current workplace which I have been working on for the last 15 happy years :-) I remember being introduced by a friend to one of the Administrators who happened to be very nice and she immediately offered me to join their organization. During my first day, I was so excited to see and meet everyone I am going to work with. I was introduced to the Directress and she gladly welcomed me and gave me the overview of the scope of my job. I was given the chance to get acquainted with the daily routine and the traditions of the organization. The people were very nice that it suddenly gave me a feeling of being "home" in my workplace. I got all the materials I needed on the first day, get acquainted with my work area and tried to know each and every person I am going to work with everyday. Honestly, I got nervous though I am confident that I can do the job. As the days go by, things got even better. It was then that I told my self that for as long as the organization needs me, I am willing to give my services not counting how much I would earn but how much I can grow as a professional and as a holistic person.

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      Three months. These were the two words I said to myself when I first stepped in the factory where I work now and that was 14 years ago. I can still clearly remember those words in my head and I don't mind telling that to my boss and to my subordinates. That day though went on with a lot of challenges and I happen to be someone who likes to be challenged. Learning something new has always been a kind of passion for me. I never want to stop learning. In every opportunity I get to learn something I always try to get in my head. Acquiring new skills set is always a bonus especially if you are being paid learning. So my "three months" though still rings in the head has gone too far by now and still counting.


        For me my first day was horrible, i was very shy i didn;t even know where to start from and who to interact with. I was just idle for 2 hours doing nothing until ni was told to do some little task.


          My first day was so funny, because I'm with my friend, he became my co worker, he got passed from the interview also. We don't know what to do, and we always laugh during that time. Some of the tenured employees looks like really mad, because they can't focus to their work because of our noise.


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