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I Smoke Cigarate in my place of work

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    I Smoke Cigarate in my place of work

    How can i manage my smoking habbit in my place of work. I just got employed and i smoke somtime during working hours. Will this habit hurt my job?

    I think that it depends on where and when you smoke, and your rules at your workplace. For instance, it is probably okay to smoke outside on your break time, but probably not inside or too much during your working hours. However, I do not know the exact rules of your workplace or how you practice your smoking habit exactly. It would also depend on if others complain or how flexible your boss is. It might be a good idea to find out from someone what the rules are if you are unsure. Hope this helps.


      Originally posted by Ahxmed View Post
      How can i manage my smoking habbit in my place of work. I just got employed and i smoke somtime during working hours. Will this habit hurt my job?
      On how it will affect your job is really dependent on how you do smoking. The consequences are only two. First, it will help you to gain more energy (eliminate boredom or dizziness). And second, it will waste some of your time. I think people who do habitual smoking has more likely having an addition than a habit. Number of cigarretes will tell you the degree of your addiction. Higher degree of addiction means frequent (in short interval of time) smoking. It is frequent because of the feeling of satisfaction while doing it. Now, I think smoking every hour or let say the worst every 30 minutes will really waste some of your time. On the other hand, if smoking will cause you to increase your productivity then there is a balance at least. The way on how you control smoking does matter. If your smoking habit will not affect your precious work then I don't think that is problem at all.


        Well it can affect your job if you let your smoking getting in a way, but if you can control it and you doing it in a right way on a right time and place you will having no problem. Don't let anything, something or someone controlling your life because it will ended up ugly. Especially smoking when it turns to addiction, your life will ended early because of sickness that causing by it and your job may put at risk. Be careful.


          I personally think that it could definitely hurt your job. I would advise you to stop smoking no matter whether you are working or not. First of all it can seriously damage your health or perhaps even KILL you. Second thing is that it is such a waste of money that it is unreal. It is expensive and absolutely useless. Some people might not like it and you might get in huge trouble at work because of it. Also keep in mind that in most public/private spaces smoking is illegal and some people might take full advantage of that fact as soon as they catch you.
          Stay away from trouble, drop the cigarettes and work on yourself my friend, you are going to do just fine.


            I smoke too, and when I was still working for a company, I spend my break time smoking a couple of sticks of cigarettes and as long as you smoke during your break then there's no problem. What's not right is if someone catches you having a smoking break while you're on the job.



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                Yes If You will do it In working hours try to smoke in break time or free time and at proper place out side of office or terrace of office that will not effect your job and you can safely smoke so its very hard to quit but try to reduce the number of sticks in a day
                James smith


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