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Earn $1 every 30 Seconds in Bitcoin by clicking on Ads

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  • Earn $1 every 30 Seconds in Bitcoin by clicking on Ads

    So, this method pays around $1 per one ad click. (You can click 1 ad once every 30 seconds)

    Of course clicking one button for the whole day would be boring, so I wrote a simple script that automatically clicks on these ads every 30 seconds. If you leave your PC and the script running, you can earn around 0.10 BTC overnight! This is absolutely insane. I was sceptical about this method, but decided to leave my computer for a few hours, and they are really paying out.

    This is my transaction in blockchain, so you can check that they are 100% legit and paying money:

    And this is my Bitcoin balance after a few hours of using this method. Remember that this method requires NO INVESTMENT! All you need is a Telegram account and a script that clicks the ads for you.

    1. First of all, download Telegram from this website: Telegram Messenger

    2. Install the App, register a new account by using your phone number. (If you don't know Telegram, it's an app like WhatsApp but just not as popular lol)

    3. Once you have the app opened, go to this URL:

    4. Now you can start earning money. Simply press “View ads” to receive 1$ in Bitcoin.

    5. As I said before, clicking the ads manually is really boring, therefore I will give you my personal script to automate the whole process. To make the script work, you will need to login to your account in “Web” version of Telegram. Simply go to this link: and login to your account by providing the phone number and the code that you received in the app or in sms:

    6. Now you should see a Web version of the app.

    7. Now simply right click with your mouse anywhere on the site and choose “Inspect” .

    8. Now go to “Console”. Important: If you can’t see the “Console” or “Inspect” button, make sure that you are using a Google Chrome (as I do), because in other browsers in could look a little bit different.

    9. Now paste this script in the “Console” and click Enter. The script will start after 30 seconds. Now all you need to do is leaving the Tab open, and you will earn 1$ every 30 seconds without doing anything! Script is available in this link:

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    Once I opened it go to what url?


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      Probably not the best method.

      This faucet site will give you 5 Satoshi per claim. You can claim every five minutes.

      Go here -


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        After u open go to what url


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          I can see no link at all here


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