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What do I do if I experience a technical issue on eBay?

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  • IDEAS What do I do if I experience a technical issue on eBay?

    From time to time you may experience an issue on ebay site and they recommend trying the following steps to rule out a localized cause:
    • Clear your browsing history
    • Try accessing the same page in another browser, device and/or private browsing window
    • Ensure your browser, app and/or device are all up to date
    • Check your Internet or mobile data connection
    • Make sure that your security software is not interfering with any site features or pages
    • Disable any browser add-ons or plugins (such as adblockers) that may cause interference
    You can also post to Ebay Technical Issues board so other Community members who may have experienced a similar problem can share troubleshooting advice. If you are unable to find a solution to your problem, they want to hear from you so they can investigate further. Contact Customer Service with the following information:
    • When did this first occur?
    • What error message are you receiving?
    • Is this on a mobile device or desktop computer?
    • Which operating system and browser are you using? Which versions do you have installed?
    • Does the issue persist on additional browsers or when you are using a private/incognito window?
    • Which security software are you using? Do you have a Firewall or anti-virus program in place?
    • What Internet/mobile provider do you use?
    • What are the related item numbers?
    • Which eBay website is being used (.com, .co.uk, etc.)?
    • What troubleshooting steps have you performed?
    • What are the steps to recreate the issue?

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