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How much can a blogger earn on monthly basis from his/her blog?

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    ASK How much can a blogger earn on monthly basis from his/her blog?

    Blogs are becoming more popular in the world as far as the internet is concerned. There are lots of popular bloggers whom have acquired both fame, publicity and wealth. This makes becoming a blogger appealing to newbie in freelance writing.

    Now my question which is directed to the popular bloggers, how much can one be able to earn from his/her blog on monthly or weekly basis?

    The earnings from a blog depends on the number of regular readers. Of course, your blog should be monetized and I guess Adsense is the best as of now. If you can get a thousand readers that would regularly read your new blogs then you will get a high ranking in the search engines which can result to more traffic. But to earn $100 every month maybe you have to reach at least 10,000 readers in a month.


      Earning money through blogging depends on the total number of the readers who spend their time reading your blog. Well, You can make between $0.01 – $0.10 per page view in many blogging niches over display and affiliate advertising that isn't unreasonable.

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