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    IDEAS My business plan

    I am thinking of short term investment in the real estate sector. What I plan is to use 1 million US$ to buy a land and use that plot as mortgage to secure a housing loan and build a house with it. Later, I can sell it for a slightly higher price and take the profit and keep on investing the rest of the money in the real estate sector again and again.

    I built three houses two of which was sold recently. The third house is nearing completion and I plan on utilizing the funds for yet another house.

    What do you think of the investment plan?

    Wow that's a great plan, the real estate is a good investment specially when you have the resources and i think you have it covered. The only thing to do is managing and having good decisions through out the process.
    Just be sure to have a backup plan in case of problems, We all know prices involving real estate like materials and taxes are erratic. It may or may not be an advantage but having a backup plan could make a difference.


      This is a great business plan and I must say you're doing great with it.This business plan will work well with my country or location because a lot of people are seeking to own homes but the problem has always been funds,it never easy but if one has the needed funds then it very easy to delve into this line of business


        You have a good plan. But I advise you to pay attention to the Asian real estate market. Lots of my friends buy objects in Phuket. You just need to find a normal company that will help you make a deal. I advise Phuket property


          That is a good business plan. In our country, I have learned a success story of an engineer who started very poor in life. He is very popular today in buy and sell of houses. He is now a multi-millionaire. He is good in designing and constructing houses and buildings. That is what he did in becoming a millionaire. In a way, he invested his money in real estate. I believe he received high return from his investments. His life was featured or seen in national television. His life is really from rags to riches. I hope this will also happen to you and your plan of investing in real estate.


            If you had done well in your ventures on building and selling houses then I guess you have the so called Midas touch with real estate. I just do not know if that one million USD will go back to you if you pursue your plane because real estate has been doing bad a decade ago and that can happen again. But over here that build to sell idea is going great. The only problem is the required big capital.


              You have a good idea to build and sell houses. You will have a good earnings especially if it has a nice location. Thou, it requires bigger amount of capital but it is a good investment. Plus, you need to build a house of good quality materials. So, your clients will be satisfied and you will earn their trust. Credibility is also important. It is also nice to invest on buying lands since it will never lose its value. The land prince increase in later times.


                People are always in need of houses and buildings, such as luxury mansions, average duplexes, small flats, office buildings, and warehouses. They look to either buy or rent buildings and structures of their choice, and they sometimes need to consult real estate experts or consultants before making their choices. This explains why the real estate industry abounds with business opportunities.


                  This sounds like a great investment plan! Just be smart throughout the whole process. Don't get lazy and let things slide. If you want a high return in the end, you need to pay attention to even the smallest details. Always be thinking of the future. And, in the end, just trust your gut-feeling.


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