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Superpay me : The best paid surveys website 1$ cashout

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    Superpay me : The best paid surveys website 1$ cashout

    I have been using this site for surveys/offers for one week now & I personally prefer it over any others by a long shot. I made a quick "Pros & Cons" list for a little info.


    1. 1$ payout

    2. Short wait times on payouts. (it takes very rarely more than 6 hours)

    3. Many offers: Apps, videos, surveys, quiz's, trials, etc.

    4. High paying surveys.

    5. Referral bonus: Earn 25% equivalent of earnings from ppl you've referred.

    6. Endless surveys/offers to attempt.

    7. Online chat with other users, and when someone complete a survey


    1. If you're wanting/expecting the site to look all great, you're out of luck. The owner is focused on maintaining

    productivity and efficiency of surveys/offers/etc.

    2. Like most surveys out there, they can get frustrating. Mostly for newbies to surveys.

    3. Only 3 cashout methods: Amazon Gift Card, Paypal, Skrill


    1. Some surveys/offers give you points. You can convert points to cash (1 point = 0.01$)

    2. The best fast surveys are "Your-Surveys Worldwide Direct Unlimited ". You will win 0.80$ for 15-20 minutes survey

    3. If you are long time survey answerer you can get 40 minutes surveys for 250 points (2.50$)

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