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New cryptocurrencies mining without investment [with mobile phone]

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  • New cryptocurrencies mining without investment [with mobile phone]

    So, I found out 2x cryptocurrencies.

    One is with value right now, and one without (should be figured out value of that cryptocurrencie for 12 months)
    So, the first one without current value on market is called Pi ( I am personally mining this cryptocurrency and I put all hopes in it, because creators of this cryptocurrency are Standford's pHD's, so I don't think they're joking around with it.
    Best of everything is that app doesn't really spend battery at all.
    Here is link for download:
    or just type Pi Network on Google play.
    You can join my "circle" of mining by using refferal code: secrets291
    (it will also help you, because it's going to give you bigger mining rate)

    For second cryptocurrency we have Electroneum it already have currency, so 1 ETN = $0.004436 USD , you can register and mine it but you have to be 18+ years so you have to provide some info about you
    like photo of your passport or something.
    Link for Electroneum:

    Thank you.

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    you can no longer mine using your phone


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      How is it?


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        another nonsense?


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