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5 euro for sign up and 5 euro for each referral with payment proof

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  • 5 euro for sign up and 5 euro for each referral with payment proof

    Easy way to make $5 today Dukascopy, a Swiss bank, is giving away $5 for each new account that verifies identity with a passport or National ID.

    Dukascopy is a Swiss bank, now offering 4 to 5 Euro for free per new account. You need to have a passport or smart national ID card with Machine-readable Zone to get the account opened. How to open an account

    Follow the process to obtain the reward.
    1. Download their app
    2. Open the app, enter your phone number, you’ll get a code and submit the code.
    3. You’ll need to provide your name and profile picture
    4. Next screen you’ll find referral code, you can use the code “27H-UGB”in this menu.
    5. Now, you’ll need to provide your passport or smart national ID card’s picture. The camera will launch when you enter the referral code. Keep your phone camera.
    6. Provide your personal info there. There will be 2 pages. Then click submit.
    7. Now, you’ll be called within the app. Answer the questions that the customer service agent asks. It’s usually your name, birth date, and email. Then show your passport to them.

    8. Once this is done, your account will be approved within as soon as 2 hours. Payment

    You’ll receive 5 DUK+ which is equivalent to 5 Euro. You can instantly exchange the token in the app.

    Payment methods are:
    • Bank transfer (€2.3 fee)
    • Card transfer (2.5% charge*)
    • Neteller (2.5% charge*)
    • Skrill (2.5% charge*)
    Order a Debit Card
    • Go here:
    • Log in with your phone number and password
    • Go to card option in the bottom
    • Click on “Issue New Prepaid Card”
    • Select Virtual then selects the currency you want.
    • Click on continue.
    If you have the service charge available in your balance (5 euro or 6 USD), you will immediately receive your credit card.

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    can you give more detail: +212636837190 send me on WhatsApp


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      In 48 hours made $825 copy and pasting ads.


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        5 euros for signing up itself is a great deal.. Its great that this app also pays 5 euros for each and every referral. we can easily earn some decent cash by referring itself.. payment within 2 hours also sounds very energizing. Surely gonna try this out...


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