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Is it still safe to invest in bitcoin today?

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    ASK Is it still safe to invest in bitcoin today?

    Currently, I am not invested in it and is still under research regarding if it will give me good returns in the long run. I heard terrible stories recently, that is why I would like to ask the community if you think that investing in bitcoin is still a safe bet.
    I am well-aware that investing especially online comes with risks, I only want to be calculated with the ones I'll take. Share your thoughts, thanks!

    I would say it safe to in bitcoin today but the risk is still in there. I invested bitcoin and other cryptocurrency since 2016 sometimes I lose money but there are times that I am lucky and get my investment 6x or so. I will reapeat the risk of investing in cryptocurrency is high ask yourself many times before investing. For my own opinion the cryptocurrency will stay for a long time unless government banned all of the cryptocurrency.


      There is no word "safe" when it comes to any investment. All of financial investment has a risk but when you're lucky enough you can hit big in it. all of us know that some countries already ban the cryptocurrency, for example China. I invested in bitcoin and still hold it and waiting for the time if my investment hit big, it really doesn't matter to me whether all of my investment in cryptocurrency fall.


        Well I also am very tempted to invest in Cryptos but I have held myself back die due to the potential risks involved , just like you. It is the most talked about option and more and more people are taking a plunge to invest in cryptocurrency. Although the risks involved are high but the potential to earn profit is much higher. Yes some Governments have banned Crptos in there countries but it has not brought down the enthusiasm of investors.


          I used to be the biggest proponent for crypto. Now I'm the biggest skeptic. I think that crypto is risky and one day we will wake up to the collapse of bitcoin and it will have gone to zero in value. In my opinion crypto was supposed to be the currency that was anonymous and beyond government and central bank regulation. Somehow governments have found a way to impose regulation on it, and destroy the qualities that attracted people to it in the first place. Because of this I think that it will loose value especially when everyone realizes that crypto is going nowhere fast.


            I dont think it safe. Many scammers rooming in the internet today and by that we should be more careful in any kind of investment. I would suggest you rather to invest your money in mutual funds and UITF much safer.


              Originally posted by mark86 View Post
              I dont think it safe. Many scammers rooming in the internet today and by that we should be more careful in any kind of investment. I would suggest you rather to invest your money in mutual funds and UITF much safer.
              I do agree that there are a plethora of scammers online, although it is pretty much the same in real life. I guess it's best for me to dig deeper and do more research about it. I'm just concerned with what Jack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba, stated that crypto is just a bubble waiting to burst. Oh, well.


                No investment opportunity, whether online ir offline, is devoid of risk. You just have to do a proper risk assessment and decide if it is worth it bitcoin is in a slump right now and people are selling quickly and at a reduced rate which is always the best time to buy. Bitcoin has slumped several times but has always found a way to bounce back. I believe it will bounce back again


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                    For me, Yes. Because especially when you buy bitcoin on its deep. I believe the year 2019 would be the biggest boom of bitcoin. my projected price it would reach is at $50,000. I never loose fate in bitcoin actually i made a great profit on investing in bitcoin.


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