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Top 20 Adsense Paying Niche to write article about.

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  • Top 20 Adsense Paying Niche to write article about.

    These are the list of best paying adsense niche to use for your blog or website. See list of the twenty best paying AdSense niches.
    1. Insurance
    2. Health and Fitness
    3. Web Hosting
    4. Web Design
    5. Automobile
    6. Law Firms and Attorneys
    7. Marketing and Advertising
    8. Personal Finance
    9. Online courses and Teaching
    10. Computer hardware and software
    11. Forex
    12. Data Recovery
    13. Law Practices and Damage Compensation
    14. Databases & Management
    15. Transport and Communication
    16. Travel and Accommodation
    17. Mortgages and Property Care
    18. Car Rental
    19. Home and Garden Care

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    Health and Fitness is the most paid adsense niche believe me. I have heard some people say they earn a lot on health related topic.


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      For me, it is Health and fitness, travel and accommodation and web hosting that are best paying adsense niche.
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