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What’s the best way to earn online?

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  • What’s the best way to earn online?

    I don’t have a degree. And honestly I have to stay at home. I don’t have much rapport socially so online is maybe beyond me. So do you have suggestions?

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      Well, in some countries you can earn much just from survey sites.. Usually who lives in the US gets the biggest number of surveys. You get paid for taking surveys, getting refferals, taking offers and so on.

      There are also paid to post sites, where you are being paid to post comments and topics on forums. There you can also get refferals and earn something from their work.

      There are even freelance sites where you are applying for jobs you think suits you the best, but you have to wait sometime and need luck since usually employers are looking for freelancers with big ratings, so you can't have rating if you're new, but that's not always, so you can try.

      If you would want to be my refferal on some survey sites, or some sites for posting comments on forums feel free to send me a message. Good luck.


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        In my opinion the best way to earn money is by freelancing. you don't need a degree for freelancing when you have enough knowlege in a specific field.You can also do some diploma courses in any field of your intrest to improve your freelancing experience. It is not so easy to earn as a beginner so make sure you work hard and seek knowledge and you will definitely earn well. All the best


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          If you can write and if you have a stable internet connection I suggest you go for online copywriting. There are a lot of freelance, part time and full time copywriting jobs on for a start. If you don't have any experience I suggest you work for free for a bit just to build a portfolio then start charging after a month or so. You can write articles, blog posts and writing jobs as simple as brainstorming a brand name. You can also answer surveys or watch ads for beer money but for a long term online career I recommend writing.


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            hello joyrevolution, i wanna share with you a simple way that i use to make money online from your own comfort bed. you will get paid monthly from youtube with no filming no marketing and no website!

            I have piled on an extra $5k from youtube using this way. i will leave here the link so watch the video and read the page to the end to understand everything. the biggest obstacle here that you need some free time to dedicate to start earning money from youtube, like any other way to make money online. Join this industry and just start making money. Have Fun!


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              Hi joyrevolution, I was in the same position I was stuck at home day in and day out taking care of my moms' friend's kids and just didn't feel like i was contributing enough. I wanted to do something, but didn't know what. I was often enough on my phone searching for hings that would catch my interest.

              i hope these help you like they've help me.


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