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In order to make money on the Forex market you have to buy low and sell high, quite simple.

Let’s have a look at the example:


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How can i make $10 per day online

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    If you’re looking for ways to make $10 per day online, then you’re only under-estimating the power of the internet. Of course, making money, online doesn’t have to be that strenuous or a tall-order as many people take it to be.

    There are several sites where you can start making money online just by rendering services ranging from article writing to Amazon product review writing, article re-rewriting to proofreading, Kindle books, eBooks, cover letters, etc. But most of these sites today are getting crowded with a vast number of freelancers thereby making it too competitive and hard for new freelancers to easily get hired. But you don’t have to get discouraged by that as there are always alternative sites where you don’t need to compete with anyone to start getting jobs.


      You can try usertesting. I registered in that website but im unlucky enough because before you are registered. You need to record there sample video and you should pass it. But I was unlucky because they kept on sending me emails where I was not able to meet their expectation.


        I've heard User Testing can make you $10 per day. You just have to pass their exams before joining them. I haven't tried it but I watched it on Youtube and he has payment proof. You will need a microphone to record your own observation about whatever task they will give you. You have to speak clearly because they will rate you based on your words so if they didn't understand you, chances are you won't pass their exams and won't give any payments from them. Online teaching is also a good idea but it requires good skills in English there are also requirements before you can teach online. I guess you can make a lot of money through online; it depends on your skills, what you can do, if you know the methods and techniques.


          There are many ways to start making money! I went through paying hundreds to start working from home and nothing seemed to work! once I started to invest my time on the internet all to finding ways to make money I now have 4 ways I make money for Free and another way which was the best for only $4 I know make thousands a week! if you have social media start searching different ways and look into it before signing up and maybe that $5 is worth it that $5 could turn into 500 in a few days! I wish you best of luck I know if I did it so can you.


            Yeah maybe, if your really focus on online job, if you have regular clients from some article writing site, and if you have affiliating program also. You need to maximize your time to do a lot of task through internet, and I think you need more time to spend in your PC or laptop just to find some possible clients on your service.


              I would suggest that you try transcription on sites like Castingwords,Scribe and Rev. This is an easy way to earn money and you can earn more than $10 a day. However remember that they pay upto$1 per audio hour. To complete an audio hour is not that easy. Some people take upto 8 hours to complete an audio hour. You also need to be able to listen to different accents and follow their user guide. Your typing speed also needs to be good for you to make any decent money. Transcription is very tiring work but if you can master it, that's one of the sure ways of you to earn money.


                It is definitely possible but you need to have a certain set of skills in order to achieve that. I am specifically talking about writing, transcription, translation...
                They are basically the only types of jobs that will ever pay you THAT much, otherwise there is basically no way you can earn $10 a day. But you need to have a certain knowledge. Also if you are a good manager or good with finances you can definitely earn a LOT more every day, but then again, you need a school and a degree for those types of jobs, so good luck.
                Let me know if this helped you somehow, i'll be glad if it did.


                  Originally posted by ynnhoj24 View Post
                  You can try usertesting. I registered in that website but im unlucky enough because before you are registered. You need to record there sample video and you should pass it. But I was unlucky because they kept on sending me emails where I was not able to meet their expectation.
                  So, making your own video is one of their requirements? What is the content of video suppose to be? I don't have any idea about this usertesting, When I try to register, they immediately refused it because I was using VPN during that time. I wonder how good that sites to earn money and how worth to spent time from that site.


                    Many side hustle options can help you make $10 a day online with just a little ongoing work. Keep in mind, none of these are guaranteed. Some places may have more work or better offers on some days than others.
                    1. Clickworker lists a lot of little online tasks like writing or search engine optimization. The site states that pay is around $9 per hour. The biggest complaint I have seen is that you have to wait for your work to be approved before you can get paid and that can take some time. Once approved, pay is weekly by PayPal or direct deposit.
                    2. iWriter is what many would call a content mill. Contracted writers are churning out a lot of articles for website owners for little pay. On the other side of that coin, you can usually stick to topics you know and require very little research to up your income potential. Seriously though, the pay is around $2.50 per 500-word article for newcomers. When you reach Elite status, you can earn $15+ per article.
                    3. InstaGC is another site that will pay you for doing online tasks like surveys and watching videos. The method for earning $10 a day that I have seen recommended by a few InstaGC pros is sticking to Offers, Crowdflower, Peanut Labs, Persona.ly and downloading apps.
                    Those are just some of the sites you can try. I hope this helps


                      Making any amount of money especially a reasonable amount depends on ones location, most high paying sites mostly accepts those from tier 1 countries, if you're from a tier country then try swagbuck,subscription sites,translation sites and article writing sites like blog butt,gather content and text broker.


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