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Is anyone here trying to start a business from youtube?

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    You can definitely start or earn money on YouTube with that skill of yours, but nowadays people do get demonetized for no reason, so I'm not actually sure if it's a possible source of income or not. But anyways, just do what you love to do and if it's cooking and videoing, then it would be a perfect combination for a perfect channel on YouTube.


      Originally posted by fredoman View Post
      I am planning to start a Vlog in YouTube but I'm still thinking what kind of videos will I make and what videos will make viewers watch my videos. I'm thinking of making unboxing and reviews of certain gadgets that I will be buying soon. YouTube is a very good source of extra income since it's passive, you just have to upload a video and wait until it reaches a certain number of viewers and they are going to pay you depending on with country are you from.
      Interesting. Me too, I've been planning to have my own YouTube channel. Probably my content would be on cooking demos, budgeting money and grocery hauls. But I'm still saving up on a good quality camera. lol.


        Hello there! Basically, I am starting to have my own channel on youtube and to start earning by having most viewed videos and by having many subscribers. My main goal is to have at least 5000 views per video so that I can have my $ on my paypal account.


          Me!!! I was trying to make videos and upload it on youtube because I am trying to be part of google ad sense. But based on my research you should upload 6 months continiously for you to become certified youtube partner. So in my case I don't have enough content that is why for the last 12 months I am still not approved by youtube and it is just fine because I dont have enough videos on my channel.


            In order to make money through your Youtube videos - you will need many videos and a ton of exposure. Especially because the rules of cashing in on your YouTube content have been drastically changed over the last year and a half or so.


              For me, starting a youtube business is not easy, so I search for other way to make money online and I found Paid point view, As of now the only legit money making site that I can give to you is the Paid view point, where all you need to do is to answer all the surveys. It is legit because many people already paid out of it. Here's a link anytime you want to check it out. Paid view point - http://paidviewpoint.com/?r=l7x95v . by the way you can already have 1 dollar in signing up in this.


                Originally posted by fern2x2001 View Post
                I am a youtuber myself. I started uploading videos in youtube way back in 2009 where i recorded videos of me
                and my friends playing video games. In the beginning, it was just for fun. Then it started to gain some
                views from people who are also interested in the genre of the game that we are playing. Then youtube
                emailed me saying that my videos are gaining popularity and they are inviting me to become they're partner.
                Which means, that i could start monetizing my videos and make some money from them. But because of ignorance,
                i didn't respond. It's only in 2016 that i started to really look into it and it's possiblity to earn real
                money for me online. So i became a partner with youtube and i uploaded more videos in my channel which
                also gained more views. Little little, money started to grow in my channel so i started another channel
                in youtube this 2017 and it's about cooking. And my cooking channel is growing faster than my first channel
                and it is also the one that is bringing in more money for me than the other channel. So if you want to
                try and make money from uploading your videos in youtube, i highly suggest to start it today and not regret
                not doing it right away like what happened to me.
                That's exactly what a real youtuber is. So at first it is better to start everything as fun and the rest will follow. The most important thing is you enjoy what you do and once you are making money from the those things you enjoy doing then that I think would be the best source of income anyway. Everything comes natural and even your audience can really feel that you are doing it not just for money. And my friend I strongly believe that playing video games and cooking are one of your passion. I would say that is the reason why you became an instant youtube successful vlogger.


                  Just make you videos interesting. The highly demand videos are about the series of topic on how to earn online. I, myself is an avid follower of this topic. Just see to it that your videos are interesting and unique. The followers will subscribe your channel if your videos are informative too. If you do not have these kind of qualities on your videos, surely, nobody will like and subscribe. Hence, you will earn less or nothing.


                    One of my friend introduced this kind of extra earnings inyYoutube and all you have to do is create your original videos and just simply upload it to your youtube account. I tried it last 6 months and hardly observed the progress of subscribers who's going to view it but I gained 10 people only. I guess monetizing in youtube platform is very difficult because you must established at least 10,000 viewers in order for them to place various of ads to your account that will makes you profitable. Hopefully they will change the rules in making money on their platform someday.


                      I have tried YouTube platform but it is ridiculously hard to monetize your videos and actually earn money. In order to make good videos you need music and sound effects and in order to insert them into your videos you need to buy them from online sites who are partners with YouTube. Unless you got someone to give you a good, hard push then i wouldn't bother with YouTube since the competition is too strong and the earnings are at all time low.
                      You should try out different platforms or sites. There are many others who pay way more, you just need to search and to have some extra knowledge. Hopefully this helped.


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