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Is anyone here trying to start a business from youtube?

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    Is anyone here trying to start a business from youtube?

    Hello, I been quite interested in monetizing my videos and content from youtube. I have tried make some of my hobbies into viable sources of income; for example, I love to cook, and I do enjoy recording my cooking routines and uploading them to youtube on a regular basis. I have gotten a good amount of hits but I have not gotten my first $100 dollars yet unfortunately. I have just started though, so I have hope. Is there anyone else here who is also interested in the youtube video making business? Have you gotten measurable success and profit from your videos? Anyone willing to spare any good tips? Thank you!

    I've heard that you really need patience if you want to pursue this kind of goal. I don't personally know any YouTube vlogger but I follow a lot of them, including kids who are already earning through YouTube.

    They themselves would tell you that it wan't easy getting to where they are now. Aside from passion, you also need patience and perseverance.

    But I guess it all starts with passion, concentrating on something you love doing and are familiar with. So start with loving what you do, not concentrating with the monetary chance that is present there. Everybody started with 1 hit, followed by another, and another. You might wake up one day and realize you already have thousands or more. Good luck!!!
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      I am planning to start a Vlog in YouTube but I'm still thinking what kind of videos will I make and what videos will make viewers watch my videos. I'm thinking of making unboxing and reviews of certain gadgets that I will be buying soon. YouTube is a very good source of extra income since it's passive, you just have to upload a video and wait until it reaches a certain number of viewers and they are going to pay you depending on with country are you from.


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        Better think a unique content of your Vlog to gain a significant number of viewers. Unboxing an item or gadgets is good, but there's already a lot who is doing that kind of content. It is really difficult to establish yourself on YouTube. But once you were able to gain subscribers from it, whatever content you will do will be watched and gain views. Good luck on your endeavors!

      Wow. You've got some interest. Actually you can have you video tutorial, like how to cook foods that you know. I'm sure lot of viewers would love to do also the things that you're cooking. Same time under the description of your videos, you can put the link of your blog or anything, any sorts of income. Like for example before going to your main site, put it under adfly, in which every click in that "skip" will give you money. Tutorials as far as I see have a greater views than putting videos you just like or love to do. I'm just suggesting these, maybe you 'may' be able to earn more.


        It's hard to start monetized your YouTube channel, you need to get 10k views to start monetized your Channel with GoogleAdsense and when you are starting posting videos on your YouTube channel its so hard to get 10k views even 100 views it takes a long time to get 10k views.

        I have YouTube channel and I got 1st 10k views in 5 months, the main requirements to monetized your YouTube channel with AdSense is 10k views.

        It depends if you have good content of your videos maybe you can get 10k views in a week or in a day.


          I think it is a good idea to integrate your youtube channel with a blog. Have a blog at blogger.com it's free just like your youtube channel. Both owned by google. If you qualify on both for Adsense, you can receive double payment. You can put links in your blog from affiliate marketing programs and advertise on your channel or write on your description about your blog, in the same way you advertise your youtube channel thru your blog so that in this process you'll direct your audience to your Youtube and hopefully watch your videos to gain more views likewise when youtubers read your description hopefully read your blog and do purchase using your deeplinks from affiliate programs. You can earn on both blog and vlog thru ads from google. I have started a blog, it's slowly gaining audience and I'm thinking about doing both. Hopefully this idea works. Let's try.


            Ops, forgot to log in, the last post was just an idea of mine, hope it works. Integrate youtube, blogger and an affiliate marketing program. Got my fingers crossed on this one. I do hope it does work. I hope I've given you an idea.


              I am a youtuber myself. I started uploading videos in youtube way back in 2009 where i recorded videos of me
              and my friends playing video games. In the beginning, it was just for fun. Then it started to gain some
              views from people who are also interested in the genre of the game that we are playing. Then youtube
              emailed me saying that my videos are gaining popularity and they are inviting me to become they're partner.
              Which means, that i could start monetizing my videos and make some money from them. But because of ignorance,
              i didn't respond. It's only in 2016 that i started to really look into it and it's possiblity to earn real
              money for me online. So i became a partner with youtube and i uploaded more videos in my channel which
              also gained more views. Little little, money started to grow in my channel so i started another channel
              in youtube this 2017 and it's about cooking. And my cooking channel is growing faster than my first channel
              and it is also the one that is bringing in more money for me than the other channel. So if you want to
              try and make money from uploading your videos in youtube, i highly suggest to start it today and not regret
              not doing it right away like what happened to me.


                I'm interested too.. I have YouTube account and I'd uploaded videos already but I don't know how to earn from it.


                  Hi. Yeah, I know people can earn thru Youtube, like having their own channel. How do you start that? Thanks.


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