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Let’s have a look at the example:


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Make Money Online Watching Videos

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    Make Money Online Watching Videos

    Are you that kind of person that enjoy viewing lot of random videos online when you browse the internet? You can get paid for viewing videos from some sites online. Which one really pays?
    Make Money Online Watching Videos
    I have selected Five best get paid to watch videos website for sign-up and you will paid for viewing new posted video.

    1. Swagbucks
    is definitely the best site for getting paid for watching videos online. You can download their search bar on your browser for you to search for videos you like. Very simply Swagbucks is the best when you mention get paid to watch video sites and others like Quickrewards and You-Cubez have cloned Swagbucks. Swagbucks is free you can signup Anytime you view an online video in your own Swagbucks account, you will make money. You can choose a video category to view, travel or entertainment.

    2. QuickRewards:
    is a rewards website that pays Canadian, UK and UNITED STATES users to watch videos, do online surveys, visit websites, cashback on shopping and being paid for playing games. You can easily get your pay through Paypal or using Walmart, Disney Store, or voucher for Amazon.

    3. Paid2YouTube:
    As the title says, people get paid for watching YouTube videos. This particular website has been in the business for a while and is genuine. The actual payments from this website is small. You will get $0.005 per video you watched, in this case you will devote a lot of time viewing videos before you earn good money. You can also make extra cash by leaving comments on the site, ratings and from referrals. This is actually a good program if you want to buy Youtube.com views for your account.

    4. You-Cubez:
    With You-Cubez you can view videos online and get paid. in case you refer your friends you earn 15% additional commission. Some other activities on this website viewing online adverts and completing paid surveys. Payments is through Paypal.

    5. Successbux:
    With Successbux you can make money by watching videos also view adverts. The disadvantage of this website is that it offers low pay out of only $1.10 to your account on Paypal. Within few days you can make enough money.
    Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tomorrow.

    Making money online is not as easy, but with patience, you can still earn. As some say, online jobs are for earning extra money, and that, I agree. I've tried Swagbucks and Successbux and yes, you can earn from it, although it's so slow to earn. Unlike Baymack, where I've tried recently, I earn more and if I't's your lucky day, you can win more depending on the prizes at stake for each winner. Do you have other sites for earning money through watching videos that is avialable here in the Philippines?


      Swagbucks is the best website for watching videos and getting paid for it. You can also download a searchbar for your browser so that you can search for the videos you enjoy. Quite simply Swagbucks is the king when it comes to reward sites and those such as You-Cubez and Quickrewards have cloned the set up of how this site works.

      QuickRewards is a rewards site that will pay USA, UK and Canadian users to watch videos, do surveys, visit websites, cashback on shopping and to get paid for playing games. You can cash out your earnings through Paypal or via a voucher for Amazon, Walmart or the Disney Store.

      With You-Cubez you can watch videos and get paid for it. Whats more if you refer your friends you can get 15% extra commission from their activities. Other activities on this site include, filling in paid surveys and viewing online advertisements. Payments are via Paypal.


        I haven't tried the swagbucks yet but some people have told me that it is quite a legit paying site but can earn a low or decent amount for a long time. You can also try baymack, like you can actually earn lots of money but it actually depends if you're lucky or not, like it's a raffle where you can watch videos to earn one raffle entry.


          What I have tried recently are Earnhoney and Timebucks. From these sites, you can watch videos and get paid a few cents or answer surveys, play games, and yes you can earn a few cents by playing. Timebucks is a little different because it has a mining option where you can mine coins which is also equivalent to a few cents. I'm liking timebucks so far and I suggest you to try it.


            I think swagbucks isn't available for some countries. I can't access the site before and I do love to try it. But thanks for posting a lot of options! I will probably check them out. Surely this post will help a lot of people looking to have extra income online.


              When I heard some positive reviews about Swagbucks and quick rewards I immediately think to join those sites but I was less fortunate since I was not qualified to join due to my demographic locations. I heard a lot of good reviews and a higher pay rate compare to other survey site that offers easy money. I was just wondering on why those great sites that really pays are mostly not available for Asian countries. I could have been a member also if I just qualified to take the registration and I feel bad about it honestly.


                Somehow, get paid to watch video sites can be awesome for certain categories of people, but for people like me, it could be frustrating in the sense that the pay rate is low and not appreciable to make a living online. It takes a lot of hours to keep watching little paid videos before you can make any dime.

                I have personally done my research seriously about getting paid to watch videos and found out that none of those get paid to watch video sites is worth it. To make money online, it's better looking for a money making program that's more paying and rewarding in as much as you burn data subscriptions.


                  Sad to say, some of the websites are not applicable to Asian countries. Watching videos to earn money is just for extra income, and it's hard to rely your financial on that thing. Sometimes the minimum withdrawal also is really high and you need maybe a month to reach their payout.


                    Watching videos online and earn money is a great deal for the people who are searching for online jobs. But not all the site is applicable in certain countries. Prior to signing-up we should always do a research. The mention site above, honestly i have never been tried. But I tried the snuckls and baymack. It is a lottery videos thing but if you are lucky enough to win your chosen combination of numbers then you can earn money just by watching videos. But we should always must put in our mind that patience and dedication is a virtue in any jobs you will enter. Without that you won't get what you aim for in the begiining till the end.


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