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For beginners, any websites recommendation to start an online job?

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    For beginners, any websites recommendation to start an online job?

    I have tried many sites. But I guess the most friendly sites that pay to task is microworkers.com


    It depends of what is your skills or interest. Try Upwork.com, they cater online freelancers and provide jobs from works like typing, proofreading, book review and many other things. You can also try Usertesting.com, they pay you by doing surveys and they pay good money too. If you can do articles with high level content then you might want to try Steemit.com. I have tried the first 2 but not yet for steemit.


      Try Upwork.com. If you can do administrative task like typing or proofread. If you can write high level content then you might want to check Steemit.com.


        Hi. Thank you for that recommendation. I have tried upwork.com actually you got to have a good skill to actually get notice by employers. But for those who haven't got any experience yet, it would be hard for them to get hired. Any suggestions to help them out? Thank you so much!


          upwork.com is a good place to look for online jobs. But you need to be good in what you do in order to get hired. For beginners, it is a great advantage if you have previous jobs or projects that you can show. Create a portfolio on your passed jobs or projects. If you have samples that you can show, it would be great. Certificates will also help to get noticed in upwork. If you are into web development/writing/blogging/ it is better to have a website so that you can show to them that you really know your stuff. A youtube channel I think would also a big help.


            I am also a begginner on online works. One of the easiest that I can recommend to you are the paid to post sites like Beermoney forum and forum coin. There, you dont need any experience, you just have to provide good contents and comments to earn extra bucks. Aside from earning from those sites, you can also find lots of discussions about different methods to earn online, especially for begginers like us.
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              Thanks for providing this information. I'm also just starting to earn in forum and I'm not familiar yet with Beermoney forum and forum coin. I'm going to check out these to forum websites.

            If you already tried Upwork.com then maybe Odesk.com.,JobsOnline.com. depending on your ability and interest. You can also go with InstaGC and Usertesting. There's alot to offer in the web just keep on browsing and ask for the help of your friends as well. But ofcourse you have to know your strenghts and interest, it's gonna be easier for you to find a job.
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              For me honestly I considered myself as a beginner even if it's almost a year since I was started doing something and searching how to make money online and until now I'm still searching a good websites that really legit and not scam.

              Based on my experienced honestly it is better to get regular JOB than searching on internet how to earn money online and you find many sites that scam sites and you find another again and again and again and again.

              The Difference Of making money online and regular job

              Regular job - you are insured and lots of benefits.

              Online - scams, investment scams, not insured and no benefits.

              What is the better? It is your choice


                You have a point. On regular job, we can assure to earn on a fix rate, unlike on online works, the earning is unstable. So it would be best, to have a regular job and then online works for extra income not as the main source of income. But before joining any sites, multiple research should be done to be sure if it is legit or not, just like what you have said, nowadays there are many scam sites on the internet.


                  There are many websites to start an online jobs but in this environment , you are responsible for protecting yourself. Verify before you trust (always do this). Do remember that every job posting do not represent a genuine job opportunities and not every job site is a job site. Some legit jobs online are upwork.com, freelancer.com, fiverr.com, and the like. Just have the determination to make a job online and you will get the job you want. Be patient and sell your skills.


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