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TWITCHFOLLOWERS ! Earn 3-4$ day!

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    IDEAS TWITCHFOLLOWERS ! Earn 3-4$ day!

    Twitchfollowers is a platform that allows us to earn
    by posting other channels on the twitch site and displaying videos.

    How to start earning?
    You must have an account on Twitch!
    clean link:
    reflink: (nice bonus for you)

    Go to the "SPONSORED FOLLOWS" tab - click follow and get points.
    Go to "SPONSORED VIEWS" and watch the video.
    To make it happen you have to watch the movie until the end. (from 1 minute to 20 minutes)
    We receive 0.02-0.40 $ for each video, depending on the duration.
    You can earn up to $ 4-5 a day
    You can buy a premium package for 9.99 (it is a one-time fee)
    it does not pay off without it - more offers and immediate points.

    1000 points is $ 1. Payment on paypal from 20 thousand points or 20 $.
    It gathers very quickly, the videos appear all day long.

    I have not heard of anyone here mentioned this site, if one can earn up to $3-$4 then I will give a try, just hope I can earn as much as that amount within couple of hours in a day.


      Sounds interesting for me, i will definitely go check this one out. i have heard it before but didnt caught my attention because maybe the post that i read didnt explain it too much. ill definitely go back to this post and tell you guys if it is legit.


        Well $3 is $3 dollars. As long as you earn money that's okay, no big deal, you just typed the word and earn points then withdraw it later. Some articles found this real. I have points now surely I can make money to pay my bill, thanks to postloop.


          That's new. I'll try it later if it's a profitable sites and worth the time. That would be a good sideline if you can earn at least $4 a day. I'll get back to this post after I try it for days. Maybe do some research first before trying it.


            After signing in to the site. There are limited channels to followed and most of them are offline whenever I try to watch their gameplay. I emailed their support on how to withdraw your earnings since there is no withdrawal button available. I receive there email the next day saying "There will be a withdrawal button available once you reach 20k credit". I think it will take time to reach that credit since I only have a hundred credit for now.


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