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Get Paid to do Task RapidWorkers

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    IDEAS Get Paid to do Task RapidWorkers

    Have you heard of RapidWorkers? It's an excellent website which pays you to do all sorts of different tasks. The great thing about it is that you never get bored of it, since there are a lot of task variety out there. For example like a youtube video, join a telegram channel. Share a post, download an app and etc.

    I have heard about it already but never tried it. because im a bit confused on how it works. I think i will just first watch a youtube video tutorial for me to understand it more. i have heard that it is legit and ive seen a lot of proof of payment already.


      Yes, I worked with that site before and was able to withdrawn payment. It's a bit challenging to work there since you have to maintain a performance rating. There are tons of work but you have to select for what country your from or for " International".

      Each tasked is indicated with specific number of workers needed to comply the job.

      The payment depends on the kind of tasked set by the employer. But mostly the pay is by cents but there are instance that goes to $1. ( You'll be lucky to see it first and do it fast ) Remember to read and understand carefully the instruction indicated in every task you choose. Some of it's instruction are not well explained and misleading. It will affect your rating since the employer will rate your performance.

      Be aware that there are also employer who doesn't like to pay your services even if it's only for a cent. Some like to have free service. ( Ha.Ha.Ha ) I find the work tedious and it's a legitimate company. However, some employers are not. ( Ha.Ha.Ha) The minimum withdrawal $8 dollars with a deduction. If you find it interesting you can always check the site.


        This website is very strict. One wrong then you will be kick out without getting paid. I just join this website and I accidentally did a task that should be done from a specific country. Then after that I login again the next morning then it says that I am lockout from the website. I email there support, I receive a reply saying "You did a task from a different country, we don't need you". There reply was so unprofessional though. But I'm okay with that since I think I just earn $.5-$1 I think. This could be a good website to join but the risk to loss your earnings are pretty high.


          It seems interesting. I hope it is available international. I love doing an online job at home. I'm a student and I love doing works during my spare time. Although I heard that websites like this are very strict but still I want to try it out. Thank you for the idea.


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