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Is Swagbucks a scam or legit Earning money site?

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  • IDEAS Is Swagbucks a scam or legit Earning money site?

    Is there a Swagbucks scam going around the internet? You've probably seen their ads on social media. "Get paid to take surveys online!" Swagbucks jumped on the scene and described a way for everyone to make money online with ease.

    But just how does Swagbucks work? Is Swagbucks free? Is Swagbucks worth it? Are these surveys really fun and easy to take? Is Swagbucks a scam or legit? So many opportunities are out there on the internet that promise making money online with ease. Learning how to work online from home and get paid is possible.

    But if you've spent the time researching get rich quick schemes like I have then you know that so many of these "opportunities" are just hype machines after your money. We all know real revenue takes real work to earn. So where does taking "fun surveys online" stack up?

    In this post about Swagbucks, i need an honest review and what to know how Swagbucks works, how much they pay out, and if it's really worth your time to look into this popular internet opportunity?

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    Swagbucks is for U.S citizens only. Ive tried to register before but got declined because i am from other country outside the U.S. how i wish swagbucks would let other countries especially in asia to join.


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      Swagbucks is 100% legit. It will just have to take time before earning reasonable amount. Yet there are much more ways earning very good amount in a short period of time

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        Swagbucks is one of the few site listed to be legitimate. I often read it among many reviews. However, not all surveys are available to other country. Lucky for those who are able to join and comply the task. Personally, I don't have experience of Swagbucks since it doesn't accept worldwide applicant.


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          It's a legit website but not available worldwide. I have read some reviews about this website which some members are receiving hundreds of dollars. I find this site a good way to earn but unfortunately I am not from the country it cover.


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            Swagbuck is supposed to be a legit site, still it's not available worldwide, i've read a lot of positive reviews about swagbucks, how good and easy to earn there. Still, i've pssed throught some of the comments in same site claiming that they were waiting for their payment for almost six mounths but got nothing . I guess swagbucks is legit , still, it may take some time to pay.


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