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How to avoid scam before making money

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    I always browse the internet or read comments about the app. before downloading. I already experience spending my time and effort on an app. or website but in the end they don't pay. It's not a good experience specially if you already have a plan to where to use that amount.


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      Being tricked and scammed has become part of the learning kerb for most of us that are just looking for a workable way to make some money online. I am no different and I have certainly stepped into a couple of potholes here and there.
      My online journey began a number of years back. I have almost become obsessed with wanting to work for myself and from home. I have purchased my way into schemes, signed up for a promise, and been fooled on a number of occasions. There are so many people out there just trying to grab your money and even I have at times become shocked at the ongoing dishonesty.

      First I say to you that you are not the only one to fall for such schemes and unfortunately you will not be the last. All I can say is that as you spend more time online you become more aware of what is true and what is a dead end path. I try to learn to take the best from all my experiences and store ideas for another day.
      Many of the scams I have come across had some ideas worth keeping. They needed a lolly to trick you in there with.

      Other writers on this post have some good ideas, review everything that you are interested in, but be aware sometimes those reviews can be written by affiliates or the people behind the scams themselves. My rule is to not pay for anything. As soon as money is mentioned I pull out. Also a tip I only learnt the other day is to check their contact email address. Many scams give a fake address at it will bounce back when you try to send a message to it.
      The best chance so far that I have found to make money online is by doing courses. Some paid some free. But I am learning from them and finally, feel like I am getting somewhere at least.


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        If you’re thinking of signing on with a company that promises to help you start your own business so you can work from home or that offers training to prepare you for a future job you can do in your spare time be sure to check them out in detail first. Also, take the time to look for online reviews. If the company is legitimate, you should have no problem finding reviews from credible blogs and industry websites.


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