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Is Franchising a good way to start a business

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    Is Franchising a good way to start a business

    I really want to start a business.Franchising a food business is one of my option.But I am still hesitant because the cost is pretty expensive and I don't know if its worth the price.My second option is starting my own coffee shop.But since I am a beginner in business like this, am scared to try.I have doubts if opening a coffeeshop will work good for me. So what do you think is better?To franchise an stable name or start my own?Your advice is very appreciated.Thank you in advance.

    I think franchising is a good option rather than starting your own business. Some of the pros and cons of franchising are:

    - higher success rate
    - brand recognition, especially if you are franchising a well-known brand

    - costs may be higher than you expect as well as the initial costs of buying the franchise.

    But if you are innovative, creative and a risk taker then a startup business may be right for you.


      I personally think franchising is a better choice if you are still doubtful about you own business plans. There is a greater chance that a Franchise business will be more beneficial for it already has a name in the industry. There are people that can guide you from the start and during the process of a franchising business so if you really don't know your way around it , at least you can manage with their help. Another thing is that, starting your own business can take all of your time and effort in the process compared to franchising. But, if you are on the right location with a great target market for your own business, you can still give it a try after all business is all about taking a great risk.


        Franchising is in demand nowadays and many aspiring businessmen is grabbing this kind of ownership. Franchising has advantages and disadvantages which most business has. One thing that we should do is to learn the business more. Franchising has low risk compared of putting your own brand. It is known already by many so means it is a good advantage.


          If you have zero knowledge regarding the business, it will be beneficial and safe for you to go ahead and apply for a franchise. Since aside from the brand name that you get, they will also help you out in terms of how the business works, suppliers (sourcing raw ingredients/materials), and even workforce handling and training. On the other hand, if you already have a background or experience about how coffee shops usually run, I firmly believe you'll be fine.

          All the best!


            Don't be scare to take a baby step everyone started this way and kept trying to get to wherever they are now. I will suggest you start your own business and grow it and you will be surprised how far you can go in just 3-4 years from now.


              I think if you have money this is the best way to start a business. You can start under a franchise and learn. You also get support from the franchise because they have a system that is proven to work. They do your market research, they advise you on location, they already have the product ready. Depending on the product they have ongoing support for you while you are running your business. I have never seen a KFC, Burger King or McDonald fail anywhere ever. I think this is the way to go if you want to start a business.


                I believe franchising is the best way to start business. If I have the money, I will start franchising with MacDonald. They have already a name and popularity. I will just ride in their successes to be successful also in business. They have already been in the business for great number of years. They already know what works or not in business. I could save a lot of time in trial and error in business.


                  if you are financial stable it's best to go for franchise. Everything is available and you don't have to worry on business reputation. Your guided from strategies to promotion. Your main concern is to focus on your management to sustain the business growth. You will also learn as you go thru the business. Good luck!


                    I'm new to franchising, and I found out that it's a great way to start a business rather than really starting your own business by you providing your own products, I mean it takes a lot of work if you have your own products, and it will take years to get recognized and to have more people buy your products. So for me as what I've read in the comment section, Franchising is a nice way to starting a business.


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