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But, I don't think liking and doing something...

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Making money the easy way online

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    Making money the easy way online

    I have come across a site called the bigfreegiveeaway.com where one can get free money by just signing up and getting tickets daily for a draw to win weekly.This is really an easy way, no work to be done.I have signed up though yet to win. Are there other means of making easy money on the net you know? Please share yours.

    If you want to earn money online the easy way then I suggest you try lucky day app. It is an app were you can win tokens by joining the daily lotto draw and save that tokens to redeem awesome prizes and lastly play daily scratches. If you match three icons then you'll win the scratches jackpot prize by dollars.


      If you want to make money online, try zwerl app, its like a chat support that everytime a user put a question, you will answer it. Many of zwerl user can answer the question, and if you are a good answer the user that put a question can be like you and have favorited you. Every chat has a corresponding amount that you can earn.


        I would also like to recommend here a gambling option. Just because it is an easy and fast way to earn money. If you can't play roulette, try the video slots, which are much simpler.


          You can earn money online anywhere in the internet. I am talking about polls, articles, translations ... First of all, you have to decide what kind of income you need: passive or active. I started with a passive, made money on sms in an app Mobirich. Now I am writing articles. What is closer to you?


            There's plenty of options for making money online (like stated above), but my personal favorite is a site called Prolific. It's similar to survey sites, in that you get paid for answering questions/completing small tasks, but MUCH MUCH better.
            • Instead of taking random surveys, you're participating in scientific studies. Researchers are linked up with participants for their studies, and participants get paid. That's what sold me. It's science!
            • And when I say they get paid, I mean it. The shorter, smaller studies may only pay €0.75-€2.00, but the most I've gotten paid for a single study is €9.00 so far.
            • You only have to earn €5.00 to cash-out. This was a big plus for me, because a lot of the survey sites I tried didn't let you access the money you earned until you reached some absurd balance like $60.00.
            • Another plus? If the study shows up on your dashboard then YOU DO QUALIFY for it. (Again, something I noticed with other sites, I would be 75% through and suddenly I would 'not fit the demographic' and be expelled. Meaning I wasted all that time for nothing.)
            • It's fun. (Again, in my opinion.) But you're not filling out the same information over & over again, on Prolific you take part in a very diverse group of studies. Anything from behaviors in the workplace to learning a new and completely made up language.
            So yea, I HIGHLY recommend it.

            I've attached my reflink in case you want to try it out and are feeling friendly. ;D --- https://www.prolific.ac/p?ref=HZL5MTQP
            My referral code is HZL5MTQP.

            Otherwise, just google Prolific (its url ends in .ac)!


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                Earning money online is a learning curve. However I don't think you can make that much money from most of the sites recommended here. I would be interested to find out a bit more about the gambling. I know that they are people who make money consistently from gambling on things like poker. I know that you have to have some sort of strategy and you cant just gamble or you will never make any money. I don't like survey sites because I think that they only work for people that in the USA/UK/Canada/Australia. I have never tried prolific but will try it and update on my PROGRESS. I'm not holding my breathe though. I think survey sites very rarely work.


                  You need to be very careful about this offers because in reality, earning money through online is not easy as what you think. Most of them are scam and they will only sell your info to third party for their benefits. However you can try mobile earning app like Veeu, Sweatcoin, App karma. These application can earn you lot of money if you are good in finding referrals and its very easy to use no skills required just download them at play-store.


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