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    IDEAS Make money Using Instagram

    I have heard that many people are earning a lot of money from Instagram, I also have an account there but I don't know how to earn money from this social media, I have shared a lot of pictures, videos, but I don't know what to do to earn money.
    Any advice regarding this?

    I love Instagram. Its really easy to get followers. All you need to do is to follow people that in your niche and they probably will follow you back. On Instagram the currency is followers. Everyone is looking for more followers. If you want to make money through Instagram, become an affiliate or open up an E-commerce store or become an influencer. I'm sure they are other ways to earn money on Instagram. For now these are the methods I know. You can do a quick search on Google and find other ways.


      The way people get paid on Instagram is being an Influencer. When you got a good following (50k+) with a good engagement ratio, companies or businesses may ask you to post their products or services in exchange for a fee. Basically, you promote their brand.


        I have an Instagram account too but I'm yet to start making money with can make money with Instagram through buying and selling of products, you can do drop shipping with it and even affiliate marketing. If you have good number of followers on your account then you can advertise for companies and individuals for a fee. It mostly about having something to sell or provide services to make money.


          In order to earn in instagram. You need a lot of followers. Thus, then you can order advertising or work on barter. But in order for you to have many signatories, you need to constantly post interesting posts. To increase your popularity.


            You need a lot of followers and users then you can earn more from Instagram and other social sites so you must to need some hard work if you wants to earn from first day then it is not possible so first work on your account enhance your followers and traffic then you can earn easily
            James smith


              I still wonder if people really makes money from instagram. There is no proof yet that one can make money on insta.
              I have an instagram account but i have not seen any means one can earn cash from that photo site that takes all my data just for viewing photos.


                Nowadays, it's a bit difficult to have a huge number of followers. There are many competitors and who also want to earn. You need to have a good quality of post and content. Interesting, informative, helpful and unique page is a great edge among others. It will hold the interest of the viewer/audience. I also think that determination, perseverance and passion is a good factor to consider. Being famous in Instagram requires time and patience.


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                    It's easy to make money with instagram if you have followers and audience. for example selling a brand or something. myself I had a friend who developed a project and people donated him some cash for it.

                  Just like any jobs, it requires patience and hard work to gain popularity in Instagram, which helps you gain some profit for being famous online. A popular method of making money on Instagram is affiliate marketing. Basically, it is when you promote the product of a certain company. The amount they are going to pay you depends on the sales generated by the followers who clicked the affiliated URL you put in the caption of your post.


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