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Earn by Chatting and commenting

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    Earn by Chatting and commenting

    There's this site called MyLot in which you earn money by commenting and creating topics. What's nice with this site is you can comment one liners and it's fine. Although the earning capacity is a bit low. You can only earn about $5 a month but it's a great way to spend your idle time. Also there's a lot of interaction and basically they're paying people to chat and interact.

    I've heard about my lot. Everyone is always saying how low the earnings are. I know that $5 is low, but when you are working online every little amount that you can earn helps. I also like the fact that you don't have to write that much to earn. I'm also curious to know if you can earn more or if $5 per month is the maximum. From what I've heard the more active you are, the more people vote on your comments the more you earn. I don't know how true this is, however I will give it a try because the is really nothing to lose by trying.


      Wow, that is nice app I think. $5 in a month is a little but it still a money. I want to try that app. Hope I can earn too. Also try zwerl its a chat support and you can earn money too. I have that an as of now I don't have payout yet but hoping to have that this month. Thanks


        Does Zwerl have a waiting period to sign up? I just tried signing up and it says they will let me know when the website is ready for use. Is this normal? Are there any other sites that pay for commenting as I find this is a good way to make extra money.


          Yes i am a member at Mylot for the last couple of days. The site is nice, it's more like a social site than an earning site. You have to constantly comment or post in order to earn there. The earning potential is very low and the time required to get your first cashout depends on the time you are able to spend there doing the chit chat.


            Now, now, now, this is what I have been waiting for the longest time. A site that allows you to interact and chat with plenty of people halfway across the globe and get paid for it. Are there a lot of beautiful women?! I'm kidding. $5 is still $5, I'll take it!

            I'll do a Google search and immediately check it out. Thanks Kakashi2020 You're awesome bro!


              This site will definitely give a try for me. I hope this will work worldwide. I'm interested to earn while having fun like interacting with people. I love to express and share my thoughts. It will also provide information that will be of great help. I also want to learn from others. Thank you for sharing the information.


                Mylot is more of a social site than an earning site in my opinion. The amount of money that you can make by posting and commenting is very low .If you are active on Mylot for a considerable amount of time and create a big following of friends then you may be able to earn a little. But it's a very slow process to earn.


                  I'm on Mylot already. I joined Mylot 3 years ago and I'm really enjoying the site. As you rightly stated the only problem is low payrate but the site is legit and paying. I have been paid many sites like almost every month.


                    Well as what I've read in the comments, I conclude that Mylot is a total waste of time, I mean there's many more websites that you can earn more rather than having five bucks a month, that's so painful if you think about it, you posted a lot of comments and created a lot of discussion, and yet you only earn five bucks. Honestly, for me that's just a waste of time, invest in learning a skill rather than investing your time on that type of thing.


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