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    Getting paid to join forums

    Hey guys so recently I decided to join this platform which would allow me to earn by joining and posting on forums and it's pretty fun! All you have to do is pass the qualification period, where in you have to post ten posts and they will decide your rating! I was rated 4.10 which is pretty low I guess because I can't access most sites which is a bummer but! There are plenty more sites to choose from. It's a really fun way to earn money because you get to write about the things you love and you can hone your writing skills as well.

    The platform is called Postloop if you're wondering! You can ask me any questions or share your experiences with this website if you want to

    Me too I get 4.40 but still Didn't access the other forums how could we do or what should we do to increase our ratings so we could join to the other forums that paid and give higher points. But I'm so thankful to pass to there criteria and allow to join in some site and forums to get points and earn money for posting.


      Hi there, do you have any idea how will the rating will increased? Is it the admins of each forums who will rate you to increase your rating? I only get 4.00 rating but I think it is fine with me although I can't join some but sometimes, there are a lot of forums giving opportunities.


        I'm on the platform too and I was rated 4.0 which isn't really bad but I can't still subscribed to other forums as you all.I think the site owners rate posters after a while,so it needs us posting quality and high content to get a more higher rating from them or else I don't see us having a better rating than we already have.


          I'm also working on postpone and I paid twice,it was nice and enjoying to earn extra money. Because of this site, you can show your skills in writing and show your feelings also about the.topic. I got rate 4:00 when I take the first task.


            I got 4.50 but still limited access to more sites. I am currently enjoying participating in forums like this. I can share my opinions and give suggestions to others. What I love the most is that I can write freely and accordingly. Fantastic right? Do you like it also?


              Yes I have newly joined Postloop and am trying to get a hang of various forums and the process involved. It seems to be a very nice and credible site to post and earn money. It pays reasonably well for the posts made .My score is 4.70 and I also don't have access to some of the sites which require higher scores.
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