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Earn $20 Right Now (Very Easy)

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  • Earn $20 Right Now (Very Easy)

    How to make $20 doing little work!

    1. Sign up for PointsPrizes here.

    2. Go to the Use Coupons section and redeem all of the coupon codes here.

    You should have 500 points now. You need 3000 points to cash out $20.
    Follow me to earn more points.

    3. Go to the Referral Links section on the site. Copy one of the links with x3 Bonus Points.
    Copy this full text and replace the signup link with yours! Share this text everywhere! Forums, Facebook groups, friends and family, whatever works.

    Soon you will earn 10% of all the earnings from people that use your link. Just wait some time and boom! 3000 points!
    Cash it out for $20 on the Claim Prizes section.

    You can also do surveys for some extra points.
    What are you waiting for? Take action now!

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