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Make Huge Money From Forex Trading

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    IDEAS Make Huge Money From Forex Trading

    In order to make money on the Forex market you have to buy low and sell high, quite simple.

    Let’s have a look at the example:

    How much money can you theoretically make by trading currencies? Let’s assume that you have 1,000 US dollars on your trading account. The current exchange rate of Euro versus the US dollar is 1.25. In other words, for 1 euro you get one dollar and 25 cents.

    You forecast that during the day Euro would rise versus the US dollar. Based on this forecast you buy 800 Euros for your 1,000 dollars. Your forecast is correct! Euro rises from 1.25 to 1.26 dollars. Being in profit you decide to close the trade and exchange 800 Euros back to 1,008 dollars. In effect, your profit from this trade is 8 dollars. Not that much, right? You raise a fair question:

    Would it be possible to increase profits?

    In order to maximize your profit potential, you can use leverage. Leverage is a loan Tickmill provides you to trade Forex. The size of the loan can differ but Tickmill provides you with up to 500 times more funds than your initial capital, which also increases your profit potential 500 times. Great, right? Still, please remember...
    Increased leverage means not only more profit potential but also more risks!

    Managing your risks is very important! Let’s have a look at an example how to use leverage of one to five hundred (1:500). You have the same 1,000 dollars on your account and you estimate that Euro will rise versus the US dollar therefore, you decide to take the biggest possible loan from your broker 499,000 dollars.

    Now, with the exchange rate of 1.25 you exchange all your 500,000 dollars to 400,000 euros. At the moment when exchange rate rises to 1.26 you exchange the 400,000 euros back to 504,000 dollars. As a result, you now have 5,000 dollars on your account after returning the loan to your broker. So your net profit is 4 000 dollars. An incredible result after just one day of trading!

    In this example we have looked at the scenario when your forecast turns out to be correct. But what would have happened if instead of rising Euro had fallen against the US dollar? In this case your trade would be open until your losses equal your initial deposit, which is 1,000 dollars. At this point your trade will be automatically closed and the broker takes back the loan.

    Consequently, a case when you can lose broker’s loan is almost impossible. Taking everything into account, you now have seen how leverage can increase your profits, if you make right decisions. At the same time, leverage can also work against you if you make wrong estimations and don’t limit your losses.

    Let me tell you, why I trust Tickmill:

    Tickmill likes to see the clients succeed in trading Your funds are safe and segregated Tickmill’s low Forex spreads (or the difference between buy and sell price) increase your profitability You can test your trading skills on global markets with a small initial deposit of $100.

    I think Forex trading needs more study and research to learn and to earn from this kind of business. It's really hard to invest on something that we don't know. Although I like how you explain this Forex trading and the strategy, but still, There are a lot of things to depends on before investing on Forex. Maybe one to three years of study is enough to know about this, but still not guarantee that you will earn immediately after that.


      I knew about Forex trading right when I was still in college, and I actually tried giving it a trial but along the line of participating in the trade, I discovered that Forex isn't something one wakes up to, join and start making money immediately. It's not that easy, in fact I'm of the opinion that in as much as it pays good money, it's still very risky because one might end up losing thousands of dollars in just a split second.

      Forex trading requires more study, training from those that have good experience in the trading before one can think of joining the trade. If you head into Forex trading as a novice, you will definitely lose all your money and investments.


        I really like to learn how and where to make a legitimate forex trade, I've been trading stocks since I was 18 and have earned from it over the years, I have been thinking on how to invest and trade in forex but I don't really know where, I'm from the Philippines and forex trading isn't legal here, it can only be done by financial institutions. Over the years a lot of scammers are putting up companies here that engages in forex trading but it usually shuts down after a couple of months operation. I really want the legit one.


          Learning Forex trading is not easy, I have tried to do so but what I came up in the process wasn't something that I think I can do. It got to a point where I was told there was a software that I need to get which will help monitor the market to know when to trade or not. I really tried but decided to quit.


            I have tried the stock trading method, and I have already lost 200 dollars. Maybe this is not for me because I am not that good on trading. I know there are people who earn very well from this method, I have a friend that makes 300 dollars monthly, he tried to teach me how to boost my profits and to be honest I don't know what I am doing wrong!


              I have read about forex trading and sincerely I'm still in dire need of posts like this to really understands it,it not easy for novice that are yet to understand how this works but the good thing is that fired trading is legit and with more research and studies, one can really get started.


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