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Does anyone here sustain themselves through online work?

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    Does anyone here sustain themselves through online work?

    Does anyone here sustain their lifestyle, food purchases and rent bills through online work? If so, what kind of online work do you do? Do you do youtube (I haven't made much money made through that, I haven't even gotten my first 100 dollars yet!) or sell items on ebay?

    Im new when it comes to online jobs. I just recently started doing baymack and snuckls and I just earn 2$ for the first day, but it now gives like 0.05$ per day and it is depressing. It is like wasting your time on a lottery. But they do pay you and that is the reason I still play them. Another is GlobalTestMarket.com that pays you 5$ but it takes almost 5 days to redeem that. If you want to earn big enough to supply your lifestyle, you need to learn editing skills like photoshop and video editing and sell your services to upwork.com. The buyers their pays decently for a work that you can finish easily within 1 day if you are skilled enough. .


      I have seen so many people and also on my friends that they earn a lot of money through online job, like some of them earn through by just talking, writing and making videos as well. Mostly of them are vloggers, like being a vlogger makes you more invulnerable in terms of earning money on YouTube, like you don't need to worry about what content you need to show in order to earn money.


        Definitely yes. I already started working online recently, but my friend that made mo do this earns more than enough for basic needs. Just find jobs that suits your skill sets and try to do something on the side for extra income. You can also have a regular online job for better compensation. Tutoring, customer service, virtual assistants etc. It is your choice in the end.


          There are people that can make a living through online income. One example is the owner or beermoney forum. I think, if one is really serious on making money online and making it as the main source of income, he needs to have a skill, if he does not have have it then he should give effort to learn. At first, it will never be easy, like example you have learned how to make a website, but after that he should also learn how to get traffic and monetize it. Skill and determination would be the key to be succesful online.


            My wife earns her money through her tutorial job online. She just started her online career and I would say she is getting successful in doing her craft. She makes money almost the same amount I do and that alone supports our electric bill, internet and other expenses. Online job is a preferable to those people who have family and why not, they are earning a good amount of money while they are close to their family at the same time. To be honest, if given a chance, I prefer online as my next job.


              Originally posted by Guest View Post
              Does anyone here sustain their lifestyle, food purchases and rent bills through online work? If so, what kind of online work do you do? Do you do youtube (I haven't made much money made through that, I haven't even gotten my first 100 dollars yet!) or sell items on ebay?
              I'm a newbie in online community and it's kind of hard to earn money online but if you have the proper skills I guess you can generate higher profit. It takes a lot of patience joining online jobs. If you are capable to be an online business owner, do it. Owning sites will give you a chance to earn profit especially if you have a good traffic in SEO. Study the methods before diving in. If you want to be a Vlogger on Youtube you should find interesting content. There are lots of competitions on Youtube but if your vlog is unique your channel soon you'll have lots of followers. There are no easy tasks but if you have patient enough and hone your skills I think you're gonna be successful someday.


                Well in my case my online job is just an additional income for me, It's hard to rely and to said that this my source of income. I don't know the others, I just want to make my extra time worth, by earning even a little penny. But my income coming from some online job is actually enough to pay my electricity bill, and that's good.


                  Yes i do, my friend. I pay all of my bills, i buy myself new clothes, food, basically everything. I am an educated freelancer though, i have a college degree so it's quite easier for me, at least in the sense of finding a job. It is not really that hard, though, you just need to study a lot, work hard and be focused on your goals.
                  All of you can most definitely make it, just work on the things i listed above. Determination is a powerful weapon, it can get you to certain places that you wouldn't even imagine you could reach.
                  Good luck with your career brother, hopefully you too will make it some day.


                    Well i do earn significantly thru online but it takes experience and efficiency. Also when you say earning online you must be very versatile, there are tons of ways you can earn online but like any other goals it takes determination, strategy, efficiency and experience.


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