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Make money with Covid 19 Coronavirus

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  • Make money with Covid 19 Coronavirus

    Some people in some countries are making money with Covid 19 Coronavirus by taking advantage of the pandimic or panic.

    People make money in Nigeria during this Coronavirus tension by Buying and Selling Surgical Face mask, hand Gloves and Sanitizers.

    Anyway earning money at home or online this period most people will take advantage of it. Because every situation is always an opportunity for someone's else to make money.

    Step to Earn money with Coronavirus:

    1. Go to Pharmacy or wholesale Distributor and buy Surgical Face Mask, Hand Sanitizer and Gloves

    2. Buy at a lower price for profit

    3. You can also produce Sanitizer locally if you know how to

    3. Resale in locations such as towns where there is scarcity

    4. Make you protect yourself despite the fact that you want to earn from Convid 19.

    5. Always sell at an affordable price.

    Coronavirus has crumbled alot of businesses and also some people of taken advantage to make money to sustain themselves.

    You can share more ideas about earning money this season.

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    Its worth giving a try, but that doesn't mean one should make convid 19 to stay to earn money. Thanks for the idea.


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      Some can make ethyl alcohol if they know. Some countries no longer have them (or controlled by suppliers to take advantage).

      I heard one chemist who just bought the raw materials for $60 made her own then distributed 100 ml to 100 people. Not big volume but her concern was to at least give it to a large number of people since the alcohol was already "out of stock" in groceries and pharma in their country.


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        Resale in locations such as towns where there is scarcity.


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