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Top 3 Online Business Educational Programs - Tested and Proven by Myself

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    Top 3 Online Business Educational Programs - Tested and Proven by Myself

    Hello everyone, my name is Christina and I am from New York...let me start by saying there is no such thing as a true make money online program that requires zero money to start.

    Every program or valid concept costs money to start or to learn from. Let's be real here, if all the info out there was free, everyone would be doing it and it wouldn't work. If you want good quality information that actually works, you're going to have to pay for it. Think of it in terms of college. Sure, you can educate yourself and learn things via google and youtube, but you won't have anything to show for it and no guidance. That's why colleges is guided and mentored education that provides you with a "certification" to prove you are valuable and have learned something from a reputable professor. It gives you value when you come out of college and look for a job.

    This is the same idea. Any true professional who has made their fortune online, will sell their info and teach you and mentor you for a cost. It's not free. You have to be real about it. Below I will list the top 3 programs that have worked for me. For the record, I have tried about 8 different programs and spent close to $10,000 to sort through the programs that work and don't work. Everything from Amazon FBA to Lead Generation and SEO. Don't get me wrong, you can make SOME money doing those, but require a ton of money to start-up (aside from the training cost). I have sorted through and developed a list of the programs that work with little start-up money outside of the training course.

    Below are my personally tried and trued top 3 list of programs that are worth investing in:

    1.) Super Affiliate Marketing . This is one of the more expensive programs (just under $1K), but I put it at #1 because it was the one that required the least amount of money, work (hours involved), and yielded the quickest results. With this program, I was able to double my investment within the first month, eventually scaling to close to 6 figures within a year. Now, I should disclose that I accomplished this while still working 60 hours a week as a Paramedic, so if I put even double the effort into it...I'm sure I would have scaled much greater and faster. I love what I do, I just wanted some side money to live easier and have some fun. If you can handle the cost, I recommend this program. Tax returns are here..why not put some of it to good use. There is a FREE half-hour training available at no obligation and no credit card. Nothing to lose on this.

    2.) Another affiliate marketing program similar to #1 with a twist goes a little more in-depth with funnels and other ways to generate affiliate landing pages with and without ads. This program is similar in price (slightly less). What I like about this program is that it gives you more resources to run programs either for free or with ads. Obviously the free route takes time to organically rank something on google. But if you choose to go the ad route (which doesn't have to be much...sometimes a simple ad at $10/day converts)...he gives you a proven template on the psychological triggers and response of how people click through the ad process. It's pretty neat to see how deep it goes. This is what separates his program from the others...most of the others don't understand alot of his concepts, therefore restricting their potential. I recommend this program for someone who needs more structure with templates and in-your-face proof of what works. Countless success stories and true testimonials You can jump in a free webinar with no obligation at all and no credit card required to see if this is right for you.

    3.) For those with a smaller budget...this is A unique way to make money with e-books. Coming in at a third of the cost of the other two programs, with a monthly payment option, this program will be a lot easier.

    Okay, so in a nutshell, this program talks about how he wrote a small 18 page e-book on how to fix your credit and brought it to $50 Million a year in sales. It gives you all the tips and tricks on how to market the e-book and get the most out of it. What I like about this concept is that you can literally write about any passion you to ice fish, how to bulk up your arms, how to fix your marriage...the possibilities are endless.

    The only thing is that it takes time to write content and proofread and get all that done. So, even though this is a great value, I put it at #3 because it does take time to write and get it right. That being said, it's not necessarily painful to write about something you are passionate about. One more bonus is that there are ZERO upsells. You have the option of a one-time lifetime membership, or a recurring monthly fee...both are reasonable and easy to manage. Once you are in, you get content for additional purchases. Really nothing to lose on this one

    So there you have it...I have shared my top 3 list of programs that have worked well for me and combined, have generated well into the 6 figures for me, just by implementing part-time. Remember, nothing is for FREE and there are tons of scams out there. Make an educated decision and ask questions! People have been through these programs...there's no shame in getting first-hand knowledge to help protect yourself! Let me know what y'all think. Thanks for reading!

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