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Any Easy Business For A Lady to Startup?

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  • ASK Any Easy Business For A Lady to Startup?

    I need a good business idea for as a lady. So what are the recommended and least stress-free business a lady can startup from home or anywhere with a small capital of $1000 or less. Do you know of any business ideas for women at home or simple business for lady with low investment, so i can earn some money.

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    I will use my locality to make a very good suggestion for you, and what I can recommend for you is venturing into make up business. In my country, make up business thrives very well but you have to acquire the skill and then get the tools required to excel in it.

    Good luck.



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      You need to honest about your strengths and weaknesses to become an entrepreneur and no matter what business you start it also helps to be resourceful and have strong networking skills. Choose something you are passionate about​​​​ - starting your own business will require time, energy, and sacrifice. If you choose something that does not interest you, or worse, something you hate to do, you will find it harder to succeed.


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        I make research about makeup business and see how lucrative it's. With what Martinsx suggestion I will give a try.

        Catherine Acorda-Mapalo I will also consider stuff I have interest. Choosing a business to go into is one tough decision to make.

        ​​​I will appreciate any more ideas. Thanks


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          Hi Adriana Jaycie , I have a great opportunity for you if you are interested you can send me email in i can explain it to you if you would like

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        I will suggest you to do some baking kind of business which is stress free and feel good work. You can even start up the business by less than $1000. All you need is some knowledge in baking which is easy to learn from any cookery classes and also affordable. Being dedicated, maintaining quality and customer friendly you can easily earn from your home.


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          My neighbor and I have been looking for numerous ways to make residual income online, and we were yet to make a dollar, until last week he came up on all this webinar and has blown my mind. I think after seeing his results, which he somehow brought in $1,500 in one week, wearing before this program he purchased we had not made a dollar. I was wondering if anyone else had checked it out or had any opinions? However, I think after seeing his results, I'm definitely signing up for the webinar and I am all in. I will add the link if you'd like to check it out.


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            Yea,there is I will recommend ladies to go for FAST 2 EARN very simple ,earning dividends every day from companies on each SHARE you may start through this link fast2earn


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              I have been searching for online way to make money and i finally found one that i'm making money with. Its called viral market. Its free and you get 25.00 bonus for signing up. All you do is post your link to yourr social media accounts. When someone clicks on your link you ear 2.00 per click and when someone signs up you get 10.00 per sign up. The money ads up very quickly. I was skeptical at first but this actually works. I hope this helps and i will leave the link below if you want to sign up.


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                Hey Adriana, there is plenty you can do online and most wont cost you anywhere near $1000 to start. Generally it’s a good idea to invest in a website for yourself even if it’s crap one just as a base to build on. You can do it for free on wix and Wordpress. Next go to this site one2click it has pretty much the 10 best ways to make money online.

                Some are free a couple cost a very little investment but from there you can choose the idea that suits you best and slowly build yourself a very good money earner. If you put in a lot of work you can make heaps. End of the day it’s whatever your goals are and how much you want to put in because that’s what you’ll get out. P.S there’s no magic way you do have to do some work but you’re spoilt for good options to earn online.


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                  Women today are career oriented. They have entrepreneurial abilities and dream to make it big in life. Women entrepreneurs in India are making their mark in various domains of business, like interior designing, fashion, journalism and many more.

                  If you are looking for Business Ideas for Women, you should first decide the amount of capital you wish to invest in the business. Even if you are short of finance you can apply for a business loan with no collateral by Lendingkart.

                  Some of the business ideas that you can explore are E-commerce store, Play School or Day-care services, Food Outlet, Jewellery Making, Private Tutor, YouTuber, Yoga and Fitness Trainer and much more.


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