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How to become a successful in an online business?

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    How to become a successful in an online business?

    Do you need to be well educated to become successful in online business? Many people nowadays are facing economical problems, this is one of a hundreds hindrances to stop you from being successful. I've watched video that testify that with lack of knowledge one cannot become successful. Is it just a luck or what?
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    I dream to be a succesfull busunes man


      I do not think you have to be well-educated to be successful in an online business. I know a guy who did not attend college and he is doing quite well. I do not know him in real life, but he seems very happy with his life and his earnings. He actually earns enough to sustain himself on a monthly basis. I obviously do not know how he does it because he doesn't reveal much, but he shows the money he earned to this group-chat I visit so I guess his earnings are legitimate.


        I see a lot of methods don't work, work for a couple days, even work for a couple minutes. But how do you build the long term cash? What is the fastest way.. I will tell all of you newb's, exactly what the fastest way is.

        Step 1) Start a company (service) can be an android app, a software, SEO
        Step 2) Advertise! I found forums to be the best converting. (spend some to make some)
        Step 3) If you are advertising, than i am sure you would have gotten a few emails, or questions about your service. Provide them quality work.
        Step 4) Start talking to other people in the same niche, talk about helping eachother's business.
        Step 5) Start hiring employee's if need be, if you have a software or an App, just keep the same person you hired to keep it updated, add new features etc.
        Step 6) Grow your business, expand your advertising, Brand yourself on social media, let people know you exist!!
        Step 7) Focus on customer service. Make sure it is the best! (hire more people)
        Step 8) You are now on the road to a successful, long term business.
        Step 9) If you want, raise your prices $5 ! After you become well known


          Create a content or e-book that will help to solve the problems of other people. If you are just new in online business, have an inventory of your skills or knowledge and examine if it is beneficial to other people of you share it with them. The internet is overwhelmed with so many solutions that makes people confused. If you can provide specific, step-by-step, and easy to follow instructions that will help other people, they would be willing to pay your service or buy your digital products if you have. People will not mind the amount as long as it can solve their problems. So learn to listen and understand your target market and provide them the information or solution that they need.


            Originally posted by yahm2001 View Post
            Do you need to be well educated to become successful in online business? Many people nowadays are facing economical problems, this is one of a hundreds hindrances to stop you from being successful. I've watched video that testify that with lack of knowledge one cannot become successful. Is it just a luck or what?
            Well in any business, you must be a wise person to compete on others and yes being knowledgeable is another key to succeed.Another thing is the passion of doing it if you have this then everything will follow.


              You dont have to be well educated to be successful in online business, but you must learn to know the basics on having an online business. You should have the basic knowledge to operate computer or smartphone , it is very important. In business, public relation or the ability to communicate and promote your product is one plus factor for a succesful online business.


                Business, either online or not, you'll be needing luck, I mean a lot of it. That's one of the basic thing you gotta know, some business really booms in an instant while others tends to fall every time. But obviously, not just luck. You got friends right? not just that, I'm sure that you are aware what sells a lot, and what is needed in your culture or surroundings. You do not need to be educated for you to start an online business, all you need to have is to use your resources and maximize the opportunities you have right now, for these opportunities come very seldom. If you'll be making money online, I suggest you gotta be good in persuading others, have a good communicating skills, and be knowledgable about the trends. Do not follow success, follow your passion and I'm sure success will run after you.


                  I think to be successful in online business is to be determined on what you're doing. If you're being scammed, just don't stop searching opportunities online until you find a right and legitimate job. Online business is easy when you have friends that will join you. Just be nice to your friends to be successful.


                    Honestly I'll always said this to the other people who had plans to create business, will for me you don't need good background of education all you need is experienced it's all about experienced to become successful.

                    I always said this don't start online business your wasting your time instead of investing your time to make online business, start it first in your community and get some experienced.

                    If you start business online your competitors is the whole world remembered that, how can you be a successful if you don't have any experienced ? Create a business inch by inch step by step.

                    All you need is experienced once you have that experienced, you will not afraid to take risk and you know what courage was.


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