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    IDEAS Starting A Small Business

    Why start a small business? Some people want to spend more time with family, and starting a business allows them to do that. Some find it exhausting to be outside the house all day, dealing with traffic, co-workers, meetings and interruptions. Some people hate answering to a boss all the time — needing permission to schedule a dentist appointment or take the day off when they’re sick. Some people are unmotivated by the security of a regular paycheck and prefer the challenge of the direct rewards or losses that entrepreneurs see from their efforts.

    Maybe you want to build an empire and become famous, or create a wealth-generation machine that you can pass on to your children. Or perhaps you can’t convince anyone to recognize your unique vision and you’ve decided that it will never come to fruition unless you strike out on your own. Or maybe you’re thinking of self-employment because you’ve been unemployed for so long that you feel you’ve exhausted all other options.

    Becoming a small business owner has unique challenges and rewards that aren’t right for everyone. You must be driven, disciplined and able to identify a product or service that people need — one that they will pay enough for to allow you to live comfortably. You have to develop marketing skills and be able to find your own work, because it won’t fall into your lap until after you’re well established. Business owners need to understand how to budget, keep records and handle small business taxes. They must familiarize themselves with employment laws if they want to hire staff. They also need a plan for protecting their business and everything that’s tied to it if something goes wrong.

    I am looking for small profitable Business to start, to enable me earn side income. Though becoming a small Business owner requires some challenge if only you know how to take risk.

    I have not really invest in a huge business, I have some cash saved investing it is my fear because I don't want to lose my money.


      It's challenging and rewarding to be successful in managing your own business. It doesn't matter if it's small or big as long as your determined to succeed. You get to know your ability and capacity beyond it's limit. You only have to rely on your own decision on what and not to do. It's a hassle free environment. I like the idea of owning one someday but it would be more on services like tutorial.


        Think about whether you have what it takes to start a business in the terms where No one will tell you what to do (except your customers). You have to be self-motivated, willing to make many sacrifices and be able to last for the long term while your business goes from startup to maturity. The most important thing to remember if you are considering starting a business is that business is not a race. People who rush get penalized in the marketplace much more severely than people who take their time.


          Yes, you are right because doing the work in under any company is very hard for a person because they have to struggle with the so many things so a person can start their small business and can get the benefits from it. There are so many businesses which they can easily start with fewer investments.
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