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Poultry Straightforward Guide To Start Poultry Farm Business - What's Required

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    Poultry Straightforward Guide To Start Poultry Farm Business - What's Required

    This is a Straightforward Guide to start a Poultry Business. If you've made a decision to start up a small poultry business raising chickens for meats, you are most likely asking yourself how to start. Sure, get some good fowl chicks, bring them up to slaughtering size, process them or have them processed, and sell all of them, right? it Sounds simple. However managing your own chicken broiler business requires some work. Just Follow these steps and you will probably be down and running - and making money marketing tasty, fresh pastured chicken - as soon as possible. As poultry farming business has recently proved to be profitable business, which means you may be ready to start a farm for your new income source.
    How To Start Poultry Farm Business
    How To Start Poultry Farm Business

    How to Start Your Poultry Farm Business
    This is how to start your new poultry farming business. Starting up a chicken farming business is not hard and involved with a great deal of regular work. Right here we are tying to add all information you will need for the Poultry business startup.

    Get Your Investment Ready
    Chicken farming needs investment. It is possible to organise the cash by your own or you can make an application for bank loan. Both government. and non-govt. loans from banks are available for starting up poultry farming business. You need to contact your preferred financial institution for the loan process. Being a starter, you need to begin with the minimum number of chickens that will cost you fairly less money.

    Production Type
    First of all figure out the production type of your own poultry farm. You can bring up broiler chickens for meat production purpose as well as choose layers if you wish to produce eggs for commercial purpose. You may as well begin your poultry farm for marketing poultry products and breeding stocks right to the local customers. Figure out your production purpose, decide on appropriate poultry breeds based on your preferred production and choose the detailed planning.

    Established Farm Location
    Choosing a very good farm location for your pountry business is very important. You need to choose place that has almost all needed facilities and favorable for the business. It may be a bit far from the city, just where land and labour is very cheap. But do not set up the farm too far from town. Due to the fact almost all of the towns have high density human population, and you have to focus on that marketplace. Furthermore try to avoid setting up your farm in residential places, mainly because poultry farms produce unpleasant smell. While choosing the actual farm location, take into account transport system and medication facilities as well.

    Construct A House
    After choosing farm location, build a good house for the birds. Make sure almost all needed facilities are available in the new fowln house. There are actually 3 kinds of poultry housing system you can make use of. Semi intensive, intensive and Extensive. For business production, intensive system is most preferable. You can raise your chickens in floor or maybe in cage system. On an average, broiler chicken requires about 2.5 sq ft living space and layer chicken requires about 4 sq ft living space. One example is, if you need to raise 2 HUNDRED layers then you definitely need to make sure about 800 sq. feet space is available. About 4 sq ft space is needed per bird in cage method. Do not fail to add proper lights and air flow system in the house.

    Buy Needed Equipment For Poultry Farm Business
    You have to buy some equipment for the poultry farm. Set of needed equipment are outlined below for managing a poultry farm successfully.
    1. Waterers
    2. Feeders
    3. Cages
    4. Perches
    5. Brooders or heaters
    6. Ventilation system
    7. Waste disposal system
    8. Coops
    9. Crates
    10. Nests
    11. Incubator
    12. Egg tray
    13. Labor or Manpower
    14. Lighting instruments
    Based on the number of chickens, you will need more or less manpower/labor. Being a beginner, when you begin with a minimum number of birds (200-500) then you can definitely handle your farm on your own very easily. If you intend raising a lot more birds you’ll need extra staff members. Make sure affordable labour is available in your chosen location.

    Buying Chicks
    Right after setting up every thing up and getting almost everything ready, buy good quality chicks from reliable breeder in your town and begin nurturing them. Set the brooder ready just before the arrival of the chicks from the breeding house to your farm. Being a novice, it is a good idea to begin with day old chicks rather than older chicks. If you are a full novice with no previous practical experience, keep your number of chicks to minimum amount (anyway not more than FIVE HUNDRED).

    Feeding is considered the most essential part of poultry farming business. Immediately after building the house and buying equipment and chicks, you need to invest a lot of cash intended for feeding your birds. About 70 PERCENT of your overall project costs goes into feeding. And also the success in the business also will depend on quality and adequate feeding. You can buy the feed ingredients from your marketplace and prepare the feed on your own or buy ready-made poultry feeds from the market. Different kinds of commercial poultry feeds can be purchased in the marketplace for every type of birds.
    1. Layer poultry feed
    2. Broiler poultry feed
    Health Management
    Even as we have mentioned above, you need to make sure proper treatment system in your neighborhood. Poultry birds are prone to different types of illnesses and you have to be looking forward to handling them. We all know ‘prevention is better than cure’, which means you need to be conscious and take good care of your birds to keep them safe. Vaccinate all of them on time and try and supply them freshwater as well as food. Also stock some needed vaccine and medicine to enable you to make use of them when needed.

    Marketing and advertising
    Very good marketing strategies have an effect on the gain from your business. If you possibly can sell your products on the market very easily, in that case it is going to motivate you in getting a lot more production. We always suggest figuring out advertising and marketing facilities in the area before beginning any farming business. Because your small business will never be a lot profitable if you can’t market your products effectively.

    Hope this particular poultry farming beginners guideline will help you plan for your brand-new business. Before starting, make an effort to find out more about the business and check out some farms if you can. Talk to other farmers in the area and begin with a minimum amount of birds for the first time. Gather practical experience and gradually increase your farm.

    3 Difficulties of Starting a Poultry Farming Business
    Poultry farming business is probably the most crucial and profitable part of livestock farming business especially in Nigeria. But like every other business, you will find risks and challenges involved. Do you plan going into poultry farming however, you want to know the risks and challenges you will be facing?

    Challenges of Starting up a Poultry Farming Business
    1. Poultry farming has a longer repay period
    2. It can be Labor intensive
    3. Pests like rats, ants, etc and predators like hawks, snakes could cause massive loss

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