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    Blogs for Non-writers

    I know there are a lot of people who wants to make a blog and earn. The only problem is, they are afraid they are not good writers. Any tips?

    Blogs sometimes can be special interest blogs in which writing may not be in the traditional form of communication. For example, some blogs are platforms that display art or photography.

    Another alternative to blogging without writing is to be a platform that publishes submissions that creative writers, poets, and artists send. If there is an ad sense program and it is properly conveyed to the audience that they will receive no pay, perhaps one can make money from it.

    Sometimes a blog has a guest writer who writes interesting and unique content. The guest writers are sometimes hired or sourced from freelancing hubs, such as Upwork, Content Gatherer, or iWriter. The trade, however, is that you have to pay the writers.
    Hope this helps!


      Originally posted by kay.s View Post
      I know there are a lot of people who wants to make a blog and earn. The only problem is, they are afraid they are not good writers. Any tips?
      I'm pretty sure that there are many successful bloggers now that started as not good writers. If you really want to become a blogger you have to start where you are and what you can do and start anyway. If writing is your problem, there might be other problem that is associated with that. It could be you cannot write good content because you are lacking of ideas on what you like to write, or maybe you have problem in grammar or vocabulary. Well if you are really determined, just follow the old saying, "Where there's a will, there's a way." What I really mean is you have to work on improving your writing skills. Read more books, blogs, articles, and other reading materials, attend seminars online or live events on the topics that you are interested. Practice daily and make it consistently. That's the only way I see in solving the problems of not good writers. I'm not a good writer too, but I'm aspiring to become one.


        I also want to do blogs but I'm not confident enough to have my own blogs because I'm not a good writer. Being a good writer requires fluency in English like grammar. They say that if we really want to achieve our goals find a way on how to reach it. Maybe we should study more about being a good writer read some books or take tutorials. We need to take our skills to the next level. Some of them can afford to take seminars to improve their skills but if you don't want to take money out of your pocket you can watch some tutorials on Youtube. Thanks to the new technology because there are lots of ways to improve our skills for free. I've just learnt how to speak English by doing some tutorials on Youtube. It's a long way process before I can master the language but I'm willing to learn no matter how long it's gonna take.
        Good luck to us for reaching our dreams.


          To be completely honest, in order to become a good writer you just need to relax and let your thoughts and words flow. The more you think about it, or overthink to be more precise, the worse it's going to come out. Just completely chill, relax and let your hand muscle memory do it's job. Unfortunately the writers aren't paid as much as they should be and the competition is so strong that it is really hard to separate from them and show your qualities.
          Nevertheless, you just need to be persistent and to keep on trying, writing and working and you will basically achieve anything you want, as simple as that.


            Blogging in fact is a hard thing to do but there is an easy way to make one. This is actually the top secret of every blogger and I'm going to share it here.
            I've asked lots of bloggers before starting my blog and they always tell me this. "START WRITING". Most of us are just trapped with the idea of "I am not that good". Yes it might be true. But if you won't do anything about it, it will remain that way. You'll learn along the way. It's better to start a blog free and learn how to improve yourself. So if you want to start a blog, stop reading this post and make a draft now. Go for it!


              Blogging can really be hard for people who don't normally share stories through writing. I myself , is not that confident when it comes to blogging. But as I'm trying to do one, I think the best start would be to use the connections you already have as of today like Facebook to test your capability in your most familiar environment or if you have other media to use that feels like home to you.
              You can choose the most comfortable and safest topic as if you're just chatting with a friend like we normally do when we meet-up with them. Write as if you're just sharing to a friend some experiences or even ideas. I think like anyone who just started, we can't be perfect but at least try to be honest with your writings so you can connect to the readers. There will always be hesitations at first but if we came to overcome the first time we write, I think the next one will be easier and more natural.
              Just always remember, people will always judge no matter how good you are. Just stay positive and believe in your own ability. We can't please everybody with our writings but, we can at least be happy in our step-by-step progress. God bless!


                Personally, I would not want to blog. I love to read them more. When I start to write something, my muse constantly disappears. So it's easier for me to read it all. Especially when I read blogs, I begin to motivate myself or understand useful tips.


                  Blog means web log or a journal in a website which is a written article. A blogger is one who writes a blog or article for his readers. But don't lose heart if you are not a writer because there is now that thing called vlogging. A vlog is a video blog which you can easily do. Think of what you want to share, take a video, upload it and that's it.


                    A blog is a means of sharing thoughts and ideas with the world. Your blog can be a personal diary, a project collaboration tool, a guide, or any means of communicating and publishing information on the web. Its uses are as limitless as your imagination. If you feel that your blog can be your platform to speak to the world, let your personality shine and be heard.


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