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Are you blogging in the right niche?

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    Are you blogging in the right niche?

    Many of my friends have started their own blogs but they are not able to sustain them. I on the other hand am blogging since the past couple of years. My friends keep on asking me how I am able to carry on with blogging as a career. The trick lies in choosing the right niche. Only when you are able to choose the right niche, you would be able to continue with blogging.
    3 things which you have to keep in mind while choosing the right niche for your blog are:

    -Niche which you are passionate about
    -Niche which is broad enough to write in the longer term
    -Niche in which the audience is interested in

    Once you are able to look into these 3 points before choosing the niche, you can be sure that you would be able to become a professional blogger for the longer run.

    Do you think these factors are important while choosing the niche? Had you considered any of these factors before choosing your blogging niche?

    It's really great to create a blog on what you are knowledgeable or passionate about. But sometimes choosing a niche requires thorough research on your target audience. Creating a blog sometimes not necessarily about what you know or passionate about. You have to learn to listen what people are looking up in the internet. Other popular bloggers suggests the following niche to consider:
    1. Saving or Making Money
    2. Dating, love, sex, and relationship
    3. Hobbies
    4. Parenting
    5. Getting out of debt
    6. Investing and stocks trading
    7. Health and wellness


      Yes I do consider the 3 points you've just mentioned. I'm at the early stage of blogging. I did chose two topics for my blog. So far I've posted 4 on one topic. Having passion and interest does makes you write more about your topic. It's like talking about your favorites where you just talk and talk for hours. I always do consider the factor that I would sell my blog to my readers or just make them read more about what I write. I also do hype selling occasionally.


        These are good tips but honestly, I'm sure there are those that blog about stuff they hate simply for the cash - and in other cases, they simply hire other people who might really like the niche to write on it. However, though, if you can't hire others and it seems like it would take a long time to do the project, then going into something you hate - just for the money might not work. In fact, I'd say probably it won't. Nonetheless, many people are more patient.
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          I think that when choosing a niche for a blogger, it is best to choose an area you know well, but it is necessary that the area has a monetization of your blog
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            This is quite valuable information which you have mentioned in this post. You come up with the nice points. Yes, I do consider the 3 points. Having passion or interest can make your blog more unique, especially when a person uses these three points.

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              I always wanted to create my own blog for quite some years. But the thing that struck in my mind first is finding the right niche to blog about. True to the proverb 'look before you leap' we must make sure that we will able shine in the niche we select for long run and it should provide us with more content to write. I have to mention that your tips are very helpful for people like me who are willing to start their own blog.


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