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What is involved in copywriting?

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    What is involved in copywriting?

    Can a blogger be involved in copywriting? what is really involved being in copywriting.
    What are the things a copywriter should do and also should not do?

    First is you have to be good in writing. Copy writing is creating contents that calls people to take action, like buying or subscribing to an email list. But mostly the purpose of copywriting is to compel people to buy whatever you are offering. You have to learn how to present an offer that the people could not resist.


      A copywriter should create a compelling headline. When presenting your offer, always explore what are the benefits that the customer will get once they purchase the product. Focus on what's in it for me (WII-FM) in the part of the customer. Make them feel that you really care about them. Provide a good reason why the would buy from you. Guide your potential customer to take action, either to buy or to subscribe to your email list so that you have a way of making follow ups if they will not buy from you immediately.


        Copywriters work in various fields — print, TV, radio and online so for you be accepted for being a copywriter I think you should practice spellings and grammar. Copywriting is all about creativity so you really need to have a talent for the work. While some people might learn on the job, this kind of work is best for people who can craft stories with images and words and think outside of the box. Just like what I said it is for publicity that is why it should be done very well. So start practicing making stories and everything that can help you to be a better copy writer in the future. If this is your dream go get it nothing gonna stop you.


          Originally posted by Emm View Post
          Can a blogger be involved in copywriting? what is really involved being in copywriting.
          Yeah, some bloggers have some copyright issues, by using a picture comes from google can be a result of copyright, some bloggers is not aware of this, if you want to use pictures for your blogs don't use pictures comes from google, it should be your own pictures not comes from Google.

          If you have copyright strikes your blogs will be terminated or suspended so becareful.


            Unlike news or editorial writing, copywriting is all about getting the reader to take action. That action might be to purchase, opt-in. or engage with a product, service or company. Use meaningful headline everywhere and highlight your best product.
            But don't imply anything. Low converting copy leaves thing implied rather than explicitly stated in plain text on the page.



              Let's be honest: it's hard to write copy that brings results (even if you are an expert you can commit mistakes and kill hundreds of conversions).

              However, it becomes quite easier when you know the mistakes you should avoid. That's why in this post, we have outlined the 23 most common (and silly) mistakes that copywriters tend to commit in businesses and that are making them lose lots of customers.

              Some of the mistakes we mention in the article are:

              (1) Not Writing To Your Target Audience
              (5) Not Testing Long Copy
              (9) Starting Your Copy With Your Product
              (19) Not Using The Gun-to-head Writing Mindset

              And 19 more!

              I would love to hear your opinion about these mistakes and if you have had any experience of committing one!

              We have analyzed hundreds of pages to find what are the most common copywriting mistakes that are preventing businesses from growing. Here is the ultimate list, containing 23 really silly mistakes!


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