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How To Start Blogging using Blogspot

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  • How To Start Blogging using Blogspot

    To start blogging their many many blogging platform you can use like, Blogspot, WordPress, JoomlaTo start blogging there are many blogging platform you can use like, Blogspot, WordPress, Joomla or even use forum. BlogSpot is free and is owned by Google and you can easily create your own blog less than 20 minutes. This is the easiest way for anybody who has not own a website, Blog or Forum, though you can also start with free forum software like Mybb or smf (Simple Machine Forum).

    Getting a domain name: BlogSpot provides a domain name like It is better to make use of a name that is easy to remember, type & pronounce.

    Specific niche market: Start creating articles content in one particular subject. Like Business, Education, finance, Law technology, fashion food or anything at all. Make sure every single article you write should have atleast more than 300+ words with good images. Creating an article on BlogSpot or on forum is very easy.

    This is how you choose the main topic or niche of your blog site.

    Design and style: When you want to setup your BlogSpot, you can use any template offered by blogspot. You can also use Third party web template free of charge to make your blog look more professional.

    You can also use WordPress Blog
    I recommend wordpress for those who have experience useing wordpress. A lot of websites in the world is run on WordPress.

    Getting Google AdSense account:
    The process to apply for adSense account is simple, so for you apply for an Google AdSense account, you will need to have a website or Youtube Channel. It can be website, blog or any platform that is accepted by google.

    If you have other ideas please share with us or post your comments below.
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    I was thinking of a platform to start my Blog on, i think i will use Wordpress instead of Blogspot, it seems wordpress is more seo friendly. I still wonder why people prefer to use blogspot more.


    • Ahxmed
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      Emm Blogspot is better because its easy and its free, you can use blogspot without buying domain name or hosting for example your blog can be but wordpress you have to pay for domain name and hosting account.

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      Though is a matter of choice but i think Blogspot is more SEO friendly. With WordPress or Joomla you will need a plugin.

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    Bogspot is free and wordpress requires web hosting and domain name. though wordpress has more advance features.


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      I did open a blog on I'm on the process of exploring the whole concept specially that I'm a new to it. I've never done this before, but hopefully I will get used to it. I've already published two page on my blog site. You have to be familiar with your settings and options to have easy operation on blogging. Definitely I'm in the experimental stage. Blogger was recommended to me by a youtuber, it's owned by google. Having a blog does have good opportunities for product advertising and earn income. It gives you opportunity to speak out about what you love doing or about a niche. It also helps you improve your writing skills and grammar. I want to learn more though, like driving more traffic to my blog so that i get more interaction from different users.
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        Blooger is really good because its free to creating and your freedom to doing blog


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          I really thank this forum now I have some ideas how to start blogging, I made I a blog last 3 months I stop it because no views and it so hard to ranked in Google.

          I have Google AdSense account for YouTube but in my blog it's hard to apply Google AdSense, to qualify you need to post 50 post if I'm not mistaken and etc.

          That's reason why I stopped blogging but when read your tips how to do it I wanna create new blog again.


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            Hello, a friend of mine just started blogging using blogspot and i will surely refer this post to him. Your post is very helpful for any newbie starting his/her blogging career.
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