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How To Start A Personal Blog

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  • How To Start A Personal Blog

    I want to start a personal blog, which blogging software can i use to start my personal blog site. Can forum software be use for personal blog?

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    If you are really serious in blogging and have a plan to make money from it in the future, I suggest that you create your own blogging website. Free blogging platforms like and are good for start up bloggers that are on tight budget. The problem with using free blogging platform is that you don't have the total control of your website. You'll never know until when you can use their service. And you can't prevent them to remove your website if they would like to do so. Having your own blogging website allows you to do whatever you when it comes to the design and the content of your website. You could also apply for advertising programs like the google adsense.


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      I can only suggest Wordpress since this is the only platform that I have tried so far. The site is user friendly and there are various ways that you can customize your blog's theme. Another reason why I recommend it is because Wordpress already has a good reputation when it comes to blogging and business websites. My previous boss who has a Digital Agency uses it and I am one of moderators so I mostly update the site daily with blogs and articles. I hope this information helps and goodluck!


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        The same as suggest by others, I would also recommend Wordpress. It is very friendly and easy to use. There is no need to get a training in order to create a blog using Wordpress. Its themes are many that you can choose to. On the other hand, there are also sites that sells cheap domain where you will publish your blog. If you are seeking a free domain, there are also available. Just search and choose which one that you like but take heed for its disadvantages such as limited disk space.


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          For me, go for wordpress like this the most used and the easiest software for all bloggers out there. Since my friend is a blogger, she told me that it really depends on what software you use because it's the idea or the words you write that a person or people would look or read onto. So basically anything would do but wordpress has the best and easiest software you can try.


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            For starting personal blog, you can follow these steps:-
            1. Choose a great blog platform like Wordpress, Blogger, Overblog, etc.
            2. Choose a web host for your blog
            3. Set up a blog on your own domain
            4. Design your new blog
            5. Useful resources for blogging
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              A blog and a forum are two different things. But they can complement each other. If you just to blog and not to build a community around your blog, use Wordpress. It's the worlds best blogging CMS.

              But if you want to build a community of people interested in your blog posts, then consider Xenforo. Then use Xenporta or Xpress to add a blogging component on your forum. It all depends on what your core target is.


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                Blogger best


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