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When Should You Start Monetizing You Blog?

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  • When Should You Start Monetizing You Blog?

    To all my fellow bloggers out there, I created a blog post today that I think you'll love!

    You can check it out here!

    I wrote this post because a lot of people said that this was one of their top questions they had when they first started doing affiliate marketing. Some people think that monetizing is something that should be done after you have a ton of traffic. In the post, I talk about why this is a bad idea and why you should monetize from day 1.

    The 6 methods of monetizing that I share in the post include both easy to start methods and some that will take a little bit of time, but will earn you some big money if done correctly. I also include a post I found about a couple who makes $50,000 a month using one secret method that you would never think of!

    I'm so excited for you to read through the post and find out some great ways to start seeing some cash flow into your pockets from your blog!

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