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The Best 5 Affiliate Networks for Affiliate Marketing

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  • Jaycee88
    What do you guys think of the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program?

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  • lucycarter
    Currently i am using Amazon Associate Program and its quite beneficial for me. I have earned a decent amount in my first year. Now i am gonna try other mentioned programs as well.

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  • John.D
    started a topic The Best 5 Affiliate Networks for Affiliate Marketing

    The Best 5 Affiliate Networks for Affiliate Marketing

    Finding a profitable niche is vital for affiliate marketing. Same goes to finding the right affiliate programs or products. When you have found a niche market that has a lot of money can be made and decided what products to promote to your target group in the niche market, the next important task is to find the quality affiliate product that you want to sell to your target group.

    Obviously, the affiliate networks are the best places to find the quality and appropriate products for your affiliate marketing business. Below is a list of well-known affiliate networks you can rely on:

    Commission Junction (CJ)
    CJ is one of the leading affiliate networks on the Internet. It has existed for over 10 years. There are thousands of affiliate products sorted by categories in the CJ network with many of them are popular brands that you have heard of. This is really a network for finding quality products to promote.

    Most of the merchants in CJ pay affiliates in per sale basis. So affiliate will get a share of the revenue every time they refer a sale to the merchants. But there are some merchants did offer pay per lead where affiliates will get paid when they refer visitors to the merchants’ site to complete a simple task like subscribing for newsletter, signing up for a free trial and etc.

    CJ provides excellent stats and tracking system to affiliates to check and monitor their affiliate marketing performance. New affiliates can also join their regular seminar and training online.

    Clickbank can say to be the most popular affiliate network on the Internet. Many people are recommending Clickbank for affiliate marketing. Clickbank is specializing in selling digital products which include e-books, video and audio courses, software tool and etc. There are over 10,000 digital products you can choose from. The commission rate ranges between 40% and 75%. It is great to promote Clickbank products if you have a blog or content website.

    Clickbank provides advanced tracking system where affiliates can check their sales, ad clicks by date and by product ID. The merchants of Clickbank offer various marketing tools like compelling banner ads, product reviews, text links, email templates and so on. So the affiliates will get what they need to promote the products to their visitors.

    Amazon Associate Program
    Everyone who uses Internet would probably hear of Through the Amazon Associate program, you can promote anything that sells in Amazon. Amazon has context link ads and widgets where you can use on your site to promote their products. You can even open you own online store and pick the Amazon products you like to sell.

    Amazon offers low commission rate. But it is really worth the time to promote Amazon products because Amazon is a well-known and trusted brand where you can potentially get more sales.

    This is another reputed affiliate network that similar to Commission Junction. Over 1,000 of physical products in the network for you to find the most appropriate products for your affiliate marketing business.
    Easy-to-use control panel and useful reporting system for the affiliates to manage their affiliate marketing business effectively.

    For those who want to promote cost per action (CPA) offers, ClickBooth is the right affiliate network. ClickBooth has been known as a trustworthy performance based CPA network with big merchants like Blockbuster, Gevalia and VistaPrint. Thus it is network that you can find quality exclusive offers to promote online.

    Merchants are providing banner ads and text links for the affiliates to promote CPA offers. Affiliates would not need to refer sales to the merchants instead they just have to direct the visitors to the merchants’ site to complete an action (try a free product, sign up offer, request for a quote, etc) that specified by the merchant. Thus affiliates find that promoting CPA offers is an easier way to make money online.

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