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10 Basic Steps of Affiliate Marketing

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  • IDEAS 10 Basic Steps of Affiliate Marketing

    Before starting an affiliate program no matter what just consider this basic steps.

    1. Choose a niche, or in other words, choose a role you’re comfortable with. This is one of your most important steps. Don’t make the mistake of joining numerous programs. A couple of programs promoting similar products in the same interest will do just fine for you.

    2. Select an affiliate program to join, making sure that its programs are offering products in accordance with your niche. Also find for yourself programs that have secured positive reputation. In order to do this, you may have to research a lot.

    3. After you have joined a couple or so of affiliate programs, it is vital to build your own affiliate website. Have a site theme closely related to your niche and selected products. Do your best to publish top quality original contents in it.

    4. Next, promote your website. In every business, advertisement is everything. Even if you are low on budget, don’t be discouraged: there are free traffic generation methods you can employ.

    5. Now, drive quality traffic to your site. As mentioned before, driving quality traffic your way depends to a considerable extent on the amount you can spend. However, there are free marketing methods such as PR submission, social bookmarking or article marketing. Use these to their fullest utility.

    6. Also start a product review block where you can and must review the products you are promoting. On the blog, also put the affiliate links and the URL of your affiliate site. Bear in mind that product comparison is a good way to generate traffic sales.

    7. Build an email list using your affiliate site. Since this list is going to be your vital channel of income, do everything possible to lure visitors into giving you their email information. But you’ll have to give them reasons to do so, like offering an e-book in exchange. Your offer should be something that they will love and cherish.

    8. It is worth taking the time to interact with potential customers, although you do not actually sell anything yourself. Customer care service is of utmost importance in affiliate marketing. Answer their queries, and build their trust in you. This way, you are more likely to make them buy from the merchants.

    9. Sign up with multi-tier affiliate programs if you have the chance, or manage to find some for yourself. This can help you to earn more money than you can do all by yourself. But you must interact with your downlines as often as is humanly possible.

    10. Don’t believe affiliate programs that say you can easily succeed with their programs. There is no easy way to success, unless you are super lucky! This is true especially to those who are just starting to take up the alluring business. Your most important step to success is to Work Hard! Give all the efforts you can give if you aspire to become a successful entrepreneur in affiliate marketing.
    If you strictly follow these steps, the sky might really be the limit for you!

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    I was just starting on affiliate marketing and your post is very useful for me to move forward in this direction. Thank yo for sharing these basic steps with us.
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      Thanks for sharing.


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        Good advice.. Thanks


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          Great Guide. I bookmarked it. I m new in affiliate marketing Telegram: Contact @CryptoStashBot


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