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How Does Affiliate Marketing Works?

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    honesty I hate affiliate programs or networking because you need to invite or etc.
    To earn and make money but I can't blame because it's networking.

    Last 3 weeks I join affiliate program and I need to invest or paid $20 to become a member and when I paid I search on google about that site and I found out it's a scam site.

    That's why I really hate programs like affiliate and networking some of networking sites is a scam and please be careful investing your money.

    To avoid or prevent this you need to google it 1st to know if it's scam or a legit.
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      leaving your affiliate link to a page and let the power of time and chances play at work. You just have to wait until someone click on it and buys the product then you will get your commission. pretty easy but the income you can earn may vary and is not a reliable source of decent money. However, it depends.


        I am also new to affiliate marketing, but I know that waiting for your site to rank on the search engines will be hard and it may take you years to make your first sale that way. I think that the quicker and better way to achieve your financial goals as an affiliate marketer would be to invest in paid traffic.

        You don't even have to put up much money in the beginning. Just start small - even $5, and grow from there. There are loads of free training videos online that can teach you how to get quality traffic at the cheapest possible rates.


          Affiliiate marketing is booming now . So the concept of Affiliate marketing is simple, the publisher promotes the advertisers’ website, and the advertiser rewards them. The reward is most commonly commission on the sales they generate, or the click-throughs they send. The most popular model by far is to give publishers some form of commission on the actual sales they generate on the advertisers’ site. This is known as performance based marketing.

          The ways in which a publisher promotes the advertisers’ site can vary dramatically. From simply adding a text link or banner on their site pointing to the advertisers’, all the way to having specific pages on their site detailing the products or services of the advertiser and linking directly to them on the advertisers’ site. Although becoming less and less common, it's also possible for publishers to promote the website of the advertiser offline with posters, flyers etc. and still track their commission.


            Affiliate marketing works in the way of promoting company's products and getting paid commission which is a pro-ration of the overall amount of the sales. This is tracked through the affiliate link assigned to you when you first join the particular affiliate marketing network. If someone clicks on that link and land on the product page to buy a product or more, commission will be paid to you on that sale and on every other sale made through your link.


              Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make./ Everything is very simple. Find partners, post their link and earn money . There are so many niches that can turn to you. What is the subject of your profile?


                Originally posted by Guest View Post

                Affiliate Marketing or affiliate programe is whereby you promote a company product or service and you get paid when the person you recommend purchase or uses the product.
                Oh, so that's how it actually works. So YouTube channels are trying to promise us with it's click bait titles like earn money without doing anything surely they are just selling something that's not really that easy to do, I mean if you are just an average person who doesn't have a really big audience then how on earth can someone trust you and possibly click the link and buy the products especially today where a lot of people are skeptical about anything on the internet because they've been scam before or maybe they knew someone that has been scammed, so for me it's not really for someone who doesn't have any followers or audiences, but for someone that is popular, it might work for them.


                  We advertise products to our friends and families everyday without being paid for it. You might have watched a movie and recommended it to your friend or bought a particular brand of electronics and you liked the features and durability so much that you tell all your friends to go for that brand. You have freely advertised for that company without making a penny. Affiliate marketing ensures that you get paid for everyone who buys a product as a result of your recommendation. It is referring potential customers to products and getting a commission when those you have referred buy the product.

                  The best thing about affiliate marketing is the passive income you receive. Even when you have forgotten about a post you made to recommend a product, if anyone visits your page and buys that product, you will still get paid.


                    Affiliate Marketing is where you promote a company's product and get commision per sales/leads. Getting sales is challenging but getting leads is easier. All you have to do is get someone to signup at the link you provide and you get paid for it. No Purchases Required. I would suggest joining Peerfly and Offervault. If you want to know about these, then watch videos of Marcus Campbell on YouTube. He'll teach you. Signup for his webinars, its worth it.
                    Note: Don't give up easily. "What's easy won't last, what lasts won't be easy"
                    Important Note: Enjoy the process.

                    I can also provide you with a link to a webinar that teaches how to make $26,430 in just 6 Weeks. Be sure to watch it.


                      Basically, Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people's (or company's) products, eg a towing company products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.


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