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Top 5 Affiliate Network to Make Money From

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  • Top 5 Affiliate Network to Make Money From

    Affiliate marketing is about making money easily in as much you are ready to start making money online. For this reason, you want to sign up with one of the most profitable affiliate network. These are some best paying affiliate network you can join.

    1. Affiliate is among the oldest affiliate networks, as proved by their own domain name. They are also on the list of most successful affiliate network. They have maintained this level of high quality in the past by providing a variety of added services, which includes domain parking, frequent payments.

    Most likely a very important factor that make ahead of others is their staff. They have got an incredibly helpful employees that take every single case on an individual basis. A lot of affiliate networks lacks details in various departments, resulting in contradictory messages.

    2. MaxBounty
    This is one of the very most highly recommended networks from online marketers. Maxbounty is very common and has a fast and easy sign-up process. Sellers do not need to worry about their products and services being marketed by low quality websites, so they are more assured and willing to pay more.

    The only real disadvantage of Maxbounty is that their support is not the best. These are definately helpful when you are in need, but they do not help unless you are one of their most effective affiliate marketers.

    4. vCommission
    vCommission is a good affiliate network for some reason, and that is their international presence. Located in India, their low running expenses and broad network get them to be an suitable network for selected types of marketers, especially those who can afford to focus on international marketing.

    They are also fast to get into action and running, with the time from approval to first payment calculated in days if you are properly timed.

    4. Rakuten Affiliate Network
    Rakuten is not really a household name for a lot of people, however the previous brand of the network - LinkShare - was very popular. Rakuten is a Japanese company that acquired, and provides a whole lot of legitimacy and assistance to the affiliate network. If you have been worried about the quality of the network you are using, Rakuten is the best option.

    Their program is very smooth, with a number of good resources and program options that make it possible for you to get the information you need to boost your website easily.

    5. Peerfly
    Peerfly offers some of the best paying offers compare to any CPA network in the world, and for this reason it is a good network to sign up for if you are looking for individual sales of high value. However, it suffers from being unique than a lot of other networks. It is difficult to join, especially if you happen to be a starting up marketer and do not have an proven history of successful targeted traffic.

    Nevertheless, if you can join, you can possibly make a good living by means of Peerfly alone. Although I do not advise placing all your eggs in one basket that way, provided that you follow the rules and stay away from black hat strategies.
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    Great information Mr Zion. With all the networks out there, its great to get an idea of how they all work.For people who are just starting out, its helpful to separate the wheat from the chaff. The problem many people have is joining because I think all these networks require that you prove you have a website that has traffic. For example I know many people that have been rejected for ad sense because of this reason. As more people join affiliate marketing the harder the conditions become. On your list I've only heard about Peerfly and Maxbounty. The others are new to me so I will be sure to check them out.


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      This is a new list for me. I am presently using Amazon Affilifate program and its quite easy to use and profitable. What about Clickbank? Has anyone heard about it? Its quite famous.
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