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Is there a better source of paid traffic other than Udimi?

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  • IDEAS Is there a better source of paid traffic other than Udimi?

    I think its one of the best, but its really hard to specifically say there's not a better source. But paid traffic, well yeah, I think its one of the best. I'll run down the most popular and commonly used paid traffic sources in order.
    1.) Udimi

    Udimi is only good for internet marketing niches.

    For example, if your niche is in weight loss, then no, it wouldn't serve any purpose using Udimi at all. So it comes down to specific traffic, also the type of traffic you need.

    I use Udimi the most, and I love it for what it does for me. But let me explain Udimi in case you're not familiar with it, or don't exactly know how to use it for traffic.

    It's the best when it comes to getting traffic on demand; and for getting proven buyers traffic. Which is the best kind of traffic to get!

    A lot of the traffic you're getting has already bought affiliate marketing products, and are truly interested in a good offer you're selling in your niche. So all you need is a good offer, and it will convert.

    So they are proven prospects that are willing to phony up money and not just freebie seekers.

    I've spend a lot of time researching traffic that converts into sales. And Udimi has always been my best bet thus far.

    But again the niche only works for MMO; affiliate marketing, and listing building marketing niches.

    Also, you only use this traffic if you're building a list. Don't use it for anything other than that; otherwise its a waste of money.

    That's the draw back with Udimi. So no, its not perfect, and in some cases there are better traffic sources. But its really good if you're using it for the right reasons, which is list building.

    Udimi is the best solo ads marketplace for my money because they're the only ones that filter your clicks, so you know for sure you're not getting ripped off. Never had a problem with any seller I've used on there.

    They're honest, friendly, and good internet marketers.

    2.) Bing Ads

    Second favorite is bing ads. Bing is much cheaper than Google Adwords. Sure, they can't deliver the traffic Google does, but they can at a cheaper cost per click, and they allow affiliate marketing and landing pages. If that's what you're aiming for. Google doesn't.

    Bing is much more versatile than Udimi, because you can use it to promote any niche you like. Bing costs can sometimes even be cheaper than Udimi; but don't take my word for it. It depends on the niche. Over saturated niches can cost more per click if you want better results.

    Also, if you're new to paid per click traffic, then I wouldn't dive into Bing first.

    Bing's support team though is surprisingly good. They have great tutorials to help you, and every day they do give you keyword/bidding suggestions to help improve your conversions.

    Even still, you don't want to rely on those things alone. Bing requires a lot of testing, and sometimes even taking a lost before figuring out your right ads, keywords, bidding, etc… That can be a little difficult to master at first.

    3.) Facebook

    Facebook is where you can reach millions of opportunities; and that obviously includes traffic. I know some people make a killing with Facebook; where others don't.

    Personally, I never got into Facebook, nor had much luck. So I can't give you much of a breakdown on Facebook, since its not my field.

    The ads are expensive, and I just find social traffic to convert very low. After all, its a social site and the people on there aren't always looking for business opportunities.

    But, there are a lot of marketers that go to Facebook. Of all the social media platforms, its definitely the best.

    But I'm not a big fan of social media traffic. Of paid traffic services, its by far my least recommended.

    4.) SEO Traffic

    Thought I should throw it in even though its not paid traffic.

    Non paid traffic is actually the best traffic to get believe it or not. Except its the hardest and takes the longest to get.

    SEO traffic is the best long-term traffic to use in any niche. You set up your blog and you get reoccurring targeted traffic pouring in every single day from search engines. Nothing beats that.

    Except SEO traffic is really hard, and takes a lot of time. So its the least favorite option of all these days.

    Not because it doesn't work, because its getting harder and harder to make it work.


    If you need targeted traffic to your website without spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on search engine optimization and backlinks, etc. then Udimi is undoubtedly a perfect marketplace for you.

    check out goeasyfunnels for more reviews

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    it was a pleasure to read this article


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      Thank you, so much


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        there's another site that you can buy solo ads. and they have different kind of niches you can choose.


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          YES ! I would have to say Udimi is one of the best places to get tier 1 Solo ads. I really like that you get to pick form other people reviews and there stats as well. Plus they have sales on Solo ads every week . Vendor Secret Find a good vendor to use on the site , Once they perform on your level , Negotiate your price your willing to pay for there solo ads .
          Now I got a question if you don't mind . How much do you pay for Web Hosting services, and autoresponders also with a rotator ?


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