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4 Free Traffic Methods For Businesses / Websites or Affiliate Marketers

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  • 4 Free Traffic Methods For Businesses / Websites or Affiliate Marketers

    There are many ways to get traffic. I feel like this is what people struggle with the most. I used to struggle with this too but recently, I’ve actually started getting lots of traffic along with sales. So I’ll love to share with you the traffic sources I use along with some others I think i great. I have a whole new strategy that I started using yesterday and it gets lots of organic traffic straight from google but If I were to explain it, it would be too long. without further adoo, let’s get to the traffic sources.
    1. Clasified ads. This is a great way to get traffic. I doubted this method at first but I tried it and it worked. I didn’t get a whole lot of traffic but the little traffic actually converted into sales. You can download my free e-book on 11 ways to make money from classified ads.
    2. Herulist. Herculist is like an ad mailing website which lets you submit emails to 1000 people daily along with other traffic methods it has. You can upgrade your plan and send emails to around 90,000+ people. This traffic source is great and I have made sales from it.
    3. Forums. This is really a good way to get free traffic. You post content with great value and then just add a little call to action in the bottom and lots of people click your link. The one thing you want to avoid it spamming. You may get banned from forums. Try not to post links in all your articles. The forum is use is called trendri
    4. Youtube is another great traffic source. It may take a bit of time to create content and get views but in the long run, it pays off.

    One tip I have for you is, no matter what traffic source you use, make sure you’re building your email list. That’s crutial to you building a sustainable online business. Not just a getting a quick buck from someone and they’re gone for ever. Get their emails, give them value and promote your offers. If you or anyone reading this is interested, you can download my free marketing software which can help increase your traffic, leads and sales. It shouldn’t be free but it is so grab it now.

    Have any questions or have something to say, Leave a comment. Thanks for reading.

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