The best insurance companies in Nigeria, though their are many insurance companies in Nigeria and it will not be easy to list all of them, but am going to list some of the best insurance company providers in Nigeria.

1. Leadway Insurance - The international insurance service provider provides different types of life insurance offer to fulfill the particular needs of those looking for life insurance policy. They have also be given good remarks by people who have bought insurance policies from Leadway.

2. Zenith Insurance - Is recognized to provide excellent customer services when it comes to life insurance policy. The company provides a wide range of standard life insurance plan, life retirement and loss of life benefit insurance policies to fulfill anybody needs. In addition they have a saving account / investment option to the insured person when the life insurance policy matures.

3. AIICO Insurance - Is one of the growing insurance company in African continent it offers many life insurance coverage, which includes different time period insurance policies. The self recognized major life insurance providers within Nigeria provide plans for individual and business insurance coverage as well.

4. Mutual Benefits Assurance - Is regarded as among the best life insurance companies provider because they provide a lot of life insurance policies. They have numerous life insurance plans, whole life assurance, group life insurance, keyman insurance coverage policy for companies looking for insurance coverage for an accidental demise of an member of staff and a mortgage loan protection policy.

5. Staco Insurance Plc -This is the 2008 winner of the best insurance coverage company award individual protection policy to protects family members from the consequences of accidental loss of life, serious accidental injuries. In addition to providing insurance coverage, the plan also involves benefits if the insurer suffers from paralysis because of disease. The insurance plan ends at age 70, however the benefits can also be adjusted to fulfill the demands of people.

Please feel free to add other recommended insurance companies you feel are the best.