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How To Make Money Doing What You Love Doing?

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  • Question: How To Make Money Doing What You Love Doing?

    These are some ways to make money doing what you already like doing and what you find fun doing.
    1. Write a book. Writing a book and you can make money from it though the sales once you've published it.
    2. Create an app.
    3. Start a static blog.
    4. Get paid writing articles online.
    5. Create a YouTube video and apply for adsense.
    6. Take beautiful photos and sell the photos online.
    7. Draw and design graphics and sell them on website that sell graphic.
    Do you have any idea i have not listed, please tell us some ways you know one can start making money.

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    Wow! Thanks for this. I now have an idea what to do. The only problem is, i really don't know what i love doing. I've been looking for things that i am really interested in but there are a lot. But anyway, i'll try to do those ways you stated. maybe it could help. thanks again!


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      Making money could be a task or a mere hobby depending on the perspective a person sees it from. Many people do not do what they like, rather they do what is available or what fate allots to them. I think making money should be a hobby and not a task. When it is seen and approached as such, it makes it easier and person enjoy the art of making money. Most people who make money by doing what they are compelled to do have less money, and they make it a task, target rather than a enjoyed task. This accounts for the great number of unhappy people around the world.

      If a person enjoys writing and was employed to sweep, it becomes very unattractive to him or her. it affects his or her productive, hence there is internal contention within the person; he would not appreciate what he does. Thee way to make money from what you love doing is to see it as a hobby; seeing it as a hobby and taking it as such brings all innovations to bear. Everything that comes your way is seen as a mere challenge that is surmountable. You enjoy every moment of the trying time because you love what you are doing. Many success careers have been built job fulfillment on the part of the employee.


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        Great advice there. For me that works is doing video in YouTube and getting paid through Adsense. I mean I am an introvert person but still I love doing this. by the way please subscribe to my channel Fred Albis.


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